Saturday, June 25, 2016

lynx black night under review


crikey it is not. not quite as hot as Australia, look you see, despite the use of the word crickey back there. although, in truth, i reckon if i were ask i would say that Australians, in my experience, use variations of meaning behind the word reckon more than they actually use the word crikey.

the heat of summer in which we all bask in right now is an introduction of interesting excuse. frankly, dear reader, it's a little hot for me to get to any of the many smart pictures what i have here for blog posts in any great volume. secondly, it makes it wise for a chap to wear some deodorant or bodyspray if you like, lest they smell of a scent that displeases passers by.

which leads us quite nicely to a review of yet another style or fragrance off of lynx. if you search or otherwise go through this blog you will find a few other style reviews, sorry i cannot be bothered to search for them for you right now.

what exotic fragrance is it under review this time? as i would like to think that you can see quite, if not very, clearly in the above, it's a shade called black night. the title of this blog should have been something of a giveaway in this respect too, but there you go.

lynx black night is an interesting, exciting and acceptable departure for lynx to have made. for the most part, as my reviews have shown, black night exists for the feral teenage market. the overwhelming majority of lynx scents carry all of the charm, sophistication and class of this intended market. this is to say that the stale, wretched, warmed to lukewarm temperature territorial urine smell it gives perfectly complements their array of neck tattoos and gestures of the conventions of clothing. black night, however, is meant for normal people.

the name black night is obviously a reference to Frankie Goes To Hollywood. it was them what probably invented the term "black night" to suit the lyric of one of the songs off of their much loved debut album. the song was of course Black Night White Light, what with it's merry getting off of wagons, and you hardly need me to say that the album was and very much is Welcome To The Pleasuredome.

as such, i was i confess wary of lynx producing a fragrance unworthy of paying respect to such noble origins. rather obviously fearing a punch in the face off of Frankie fans, lynx have wisely made their black night fragrance a really smart, pleasant and alluring one. it features all the sophistication and class of the band, as the smell is as widely loved as the band. which is to say, if you don't love Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the problem is with you and not them, go sort yourself out.

i would wholeheartedly endorse and recommend that anyone who is not a feral teenager on the prowl for some sort of brief mating partner purchase and wear lynx black night. the people you pass will note the smell you waft and admire you for it; those that you love shall love you all the more.

should you be one of those feral teenage types - and i doubt you are, dear reader, because if you are reading this you can read and thus are not one of their number - this is the stuff you are looking for to step up a level or two in class. this, some clothes that actually enclose the anatomy rather than endorse it hanging out, and some corrective laser surgery for all the stars and wolves and maori gibberish you have inked on your necks.

right, my consumer advice section is done for another moment. i trust, as ever, that this has been of some use to someone somewhere. let me go get some more black night on, and indeed why not, let's get the Frankie on the stereo too.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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