Sunday, June 12, 2016

Star Wars micro comics

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yesterday we, as in my (considerably) better half and i, elected to take our children, or if you like offspring, along on a jolly trip to a toy retailer of some repute. indeed yes, look you see, in retrospect this was somewhat foolish, as the net result of this was a considerable, indeed formidable, bill.

the coins of money which we were compelled to hand over in exchange for goods was, albeit slightly, exacerbated by my spotting of something called Star Wars micro comics and my decision to purchase not just one and not as many as three but two of them.

no, the figurines did not come with them as such. also no, if you can see them the way that i can, they were not sold to me sideways - this is just the way that Google elects to upload pictures taken with an Apple, no matter how much rotation i give them. if they are sideways for you, fear not, some right rotated pictures - rotated right as they had nothing to do with Apple - will be here soon.

how much does a Star Wars micro comic packet cost? just ever so slightly south of £3, or if you like £2.99. at least this is what we were charged per item. are they worth such a sum? yes.

1there are some marketing exploits by some concerns - and Disney are not immune to this - that are purely exploitative in giving so very little for so very many coins of money. the £2.99 one pays for these things seems, in consideration of the content, on the button and quite possibly rather good value.

a win in this regard would be the small but smart 3D poster which comes with each packet.

i have no idea if the 3D effect carries on from the printed version through the magic of scanning and the medium of uploading here. if you have a pair of 3D glasses handy, why not give it a try - bonus if it works.

exactly what does one get for their £2.99? well, one of six styles of 3D poster, 1 pair of Star Wars branded 3D glasses to look at the poster with, 1 (presumably of 6) collector cards and 1 "micro comic".

it would be prudent, i suspect, to give some time to looking at the comic. this is, after all, surely the big selling point of the pack, as the item for sale has the name comic in the title.

are the comics any good? yes. they are "micro" as in small, but even with these eyes of mine, which are ageing and possibly in need of a test, could read the text ok. which is perhaps more than you can do with the below if the picture appears sideways (not my fault sorry i tried)

whilst they have a "vintage" feel to them, as the cover reflects an assumed original date of publication back when all this Star Wars stuff started in the 70s, there's a distinctly modern feel to the artwork. that could, however, be all due to better ink used for printing, and shiny paper being used rather than the thin stuff that we used to get comics on back then.

the other 3D poster we got, on the off chance that they work with the glasses you have at hand? sure.

the comics feature the first motion picture to be made of Star Wars, ostensibly called  A New Hope, broken up into six parts. the end of edition six, for that is one of the ones we have, promises that The Empire Strikes Back will feature in this format during 2016. well, we are half way through and no sign yet, but maybe it's that the glass is half full and will be topped up.

that said, Star Wars and 3D does not have a good relationship. the promise to release all six films in a 3D form was delivered as far as fan favourite The Phantom Menace, and then the project to do them was quietly abandoned, around the time Disney bought the whole thing.

are Star Wars micro comics worth buying? yes. smart value for money, and i would like to have all six editions, but i suspect many doubles would be bought on the way to achieving this. hope this information is of benefit or help to someone!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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