Tuesday, June 28, 2016

the Spiros fix


whilst these two factors may well, look you see, be at odds with each other, some of you more regular readers might be wondering why exactly London is allowing itself to fall into panic if they presently provide a home to Spiros. as we have explored in the past Spiros is, as well as being a staunch advocate of short term yet mutually satisfactory friendships with men and in particular sailors, after all the greatest legal mind of his or any generation. surely he could fix all that is going wrong at the present time?

the answer is yes as much as it is no. yes as in he has a proven means of solution, yet no because no one was prepared to back him with the few million or billion required to get everything all sorted. whilst in retrospect they, along with certain other "secret polls" and so forth bitterly regret this, have no pity for it is their fault in refusing to hedge a bet on a lack of patriotism with a further unpatriotic gamble.

oh yes, he did. as a non-English type of person, Spiros had no qualms at all about seeing the wood, the trees and the twigs of the situation and did not hesitate to bet on them plucky Icelanders in their most recent contest against England.

his bet was somewhat frowned on for it meant betting against England. strangely those who frowned were the ones who had gambled somewhat larger stakes on the fact that England would, in the majority, vote against itself. we are polite and apologetic, i suppose, but not quite that much, thank you.

what will Spiros be doing with his most triumphant winnings? ale, probably. maybe a drink or two for a chap that he meets down the roller disco, but mostly for his own pleasure, i expect.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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