Monday, June 27, 2016

like some Australian's nightmare


well, my last post about all that world coming to an end or maybe, look you see, it isn't stuff has proved to be somewhat popular. thanks for reading or, more likely, thanks for looking at the pictures of some boss squirrels that i sorted out for it.

of those of you who did read it, there's a chance that some of you would agree and some of you would disagree. consequentially, you might wish to see me happy or you may indeed wish to have some sort of harm befall me.

here you go, here's a picture that gives you both at the same time. who says we can't do quantum here, ladies and gentlemen.

yes, that is indeed moi, to use the French i love so dearly, celebrating my 9th birthday. in Australia, no less. Sydney, to be a little specific, but maybe not as specific as that as it might be Brisbane. i associate the arches with Sydney, though, and indeed my broken arm.

how did i break it? can't remember exactly, for this was quite some time ago, but i seem to recall it involved a really smart idea with the upper, or if you like business, end of a bunk bed. i would suspect i fared worse than the bunk bed, or the floor i attempted to smash in.

actually, Sydney, i can remember me Mum taking me on their boss, multi-levelled trains to go and see the doctor and that about the break.

what am i wearing? Australian gold. some people think it's canary yellow, but they are wrong. nope, it's Australian gold.

anyhow, i am a bit busy with a few private concerns at the moment. more updates as and when i can get the time and have the imagination to do them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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