Saturday, June 11, 2016

it's not like he is entirely wrong

hello there

you know that you like new adventures off of Spiros. i know, look you see, that you like new adventures off of Spiros. it would be fair to say then that i know that you know that i know you like new adventures off of Spiros. with that in mind, then, here's an awesome new adventure off of Spiros.

Spiros is, as the regular enthusiasts for the man who read of his exploits here know, a gentleman who likes making friends with other gentlemen. usually these are short term friendships, but they are also mutually beneficial and quite satisfactory ones, with the course of the friendship usually occurring within the confines of a public restroom facility or other such meeting place.

it's quite rare for Spiros to make friends with another gent out in open, rather more public places. it does happen, although for reasons we shall discuss not in this case.

the focus of the picture here, which i have taken from a video that you may watch momentarily, is the gentleman stood to the off-left, apparently on a phone and near a quasi yellow oval sign, with the sign presumably promoting some sort of beverage.

in the expert opinion of Spiros this gent was, colloquially, smashed. how so? well, apparently he had slippers on rather than the shoes which would be normal for such an outing. also, and it's not me that has this the wrong way around, he was attempting to make a call on a bottle of beer whilst trying to tape a sip of refreshment from his phone. that, to me, says "sh!tfaced", or if you like that the sauce has got the better of him.

the video? surely. i have had to compress it a bit to fit here. if the speaking from him is in any way coherent or audible, i apologise for the rather crass and uncouth way he speaks. it seems he had a right potty mouth on him, he did, to be sure.

what was the precise or exact nature of his conversation? well, this was all down the Wharf, so bear in mind he was in the right place for his request at the least. the gent was demanding that "banker f**ks" come out to see him in order to have fisticuffs. when none were forthcoming he remonstrated some, suggesting that they were all "soft", but he used rather colourful vulgarities to stress this some.

did Spiros accept the challenge of the fight? alas no, not in this case. the gentleman was not a taxi driver or Australian and thus there was no quarrel from the side of Spiros. also, strictly speaking, Spiros is more of a legal type than a banker type, and so it was not he who the challenge was being thrown at.

in the absence of this gentleman, has Spiros connected and made friends with any other gentlemen on his travels? why yes he has, and it is all thanks to the Port of London once again being thrown open to the whole world for sailing pleasure.

you would like to think that you are mistaken but, alas, no you are not. that is indeed a US Coast Guard vessel of the sea parked up on the Thames like it owns the place. why would they be in London? outside of a quite remarkable wrong turn out of New York, or possibly Miami, i would have no idea.

who did the friendship with Spiros struck up with a couple of American sailors go? sub-satisfactory, alas. apparently American sailors just don't do friendships with the care and sensitivity of Greek sailors, yet their rather direct approach does compare quite favourably to Turkish ones. i have every confidence, though, that Spiros will pursue more friendships with more sailors despite the setback.

what happened to this chap who was angling for a fight? well, i would imagine he got one. the Wharf, look you see, is private land and is managed by some highly discreet yet exceptionally dedicated private security concerns. he was escorted from the area by members of this private security concern and, according to Spiros, given precisely what he was asking for, only it was not delivered by a "banking f***" as such.

thank you once again, Spiros, for using me as a conduit to share with a wider audience the colourful ways of the adventures you have. i, and indeed those reading here, look forward to the next ones coming along. who knows, perhaps i shall head down to the capital and join you in some, but not all of the next ones. as in, no, i shall not intrude on your bathroom exploits.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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