Sunday, June 19, 2016



yes, indeed. i know, look you see, that you saw what i did with the title, at least if it's the case of you being a regular reader with a penchant for the chronological.

as was the case yesterday, so it was to be the case today that i was called upon, in a sort of father like guardian type of way, to construct a bike. no, fortunately, not from scratch.

whereas yesterday it was James' smart new bike that i built, today was the turn to do William's. any particular reason for that way around? yes. James, perhaps from being elder, is the more confident cyclist of the two, and so it made sense to get his done at a time when he could accompany me on my strolls around the grounds. William was most understanding, on the condition that his was prepared today.

i am right tired, me. quite possibly to the point of knacked.although building these bikes is quite straightforward, it's the taking the packaging off the frames that tires one, and indeed the exertion of inflating the tyres. in respect of the latter, as i suspect inflating bike tyres shall play a massive part of my future, best i look for some sort of exercise which involves me gripping something cylindrical in my right hand and quickly pumping it up and down, in some sort of thrusting motion.

today was indeed father's day, so no, i did not get to laze around all day building bikes and what have you. i was treated most generously to some handsome gifts. a picture of one? sure.

you can't beat a bit of bully, in the words of his eminence Jim Bowen, and you cannot beat a smart t-shirt like this one.

what other gifts was i lucky to get? some smart CD compilations named "Dad Rock" and similar (Love Is The Drug off of Roxy Music on now), and various items related to Star Wars and Teletubbies.

but hey, enough of me, more of the second bicycle i built today. or put together, if you like.

William selected this bike for himself, but of course did not pay for it. his mother, my (considerably) better half, handled the financial side of things. this was, as always, exceptionally kind of her.

for what reason did he select this particular one? the red streaks of lightning on the black of the frame. very wise, too. time and again history has show that painting flames down the side of a vehicle makes it go, like totes faster, so lightning, it stands to reason, makes it go even more totes faster.

yes indeed i am considering getting fire and lightning put on the sides of my car, even though i am not all that a massive fan of speed. but, you know, that's a story for another time.

no, that is an, albeit slightly, different picture to the above, i just checked the file names. he just happens to look like he is in a quite similar pose.

why is he all dressed up as a knight? well, William prides himself on being quite the dapper dresser, and likes to display sartorial elegance in everything he does. as he had a new steed to command and go on jolly crusades, if anything i would have been surprised if he had not, as point of fact, dressed as a knight.

no grand tour of the lands for William yet, however. we did a bit of a ride around the home today, just so he can get a bit more confidence in things like balance, and staying on the bike.

more as and when it happens, dear reader. and i suspect this will involve me teaching the boys how to wheelie, and indeed how to build class ramps to jump off of and over.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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