Saturday, June 04, 2016

some more Star Wars toys

hi there

a quite frequent expenditure for me, or if you like a drain on my estate, is the acquisition of toys branded in the name of Star Wars, look you see. it would be with some considerable frequency of this frequent nature that the purchase is made for my benefit, to be sure, but every now and then there's something related to those films that the boys wish to have.

the boys had some specific requests in regards of all things Star Wars. these were requests that i paid attention to 50% of. on that note, here is an image that will please some of you. let's start with a look at the request which i fulfilled to perfection.

yes, that is indeed a Kylo Ren (if that's the right spelling) lightsaber thingie which William is pointing towards what is theoretically my chest.

for those familiar with the course of events in Star Wars Episode VII : Mission To Moscow, you may be wondering if it was at all wise for me, as a father, to buy a son of mine this particular toy weapon. i shall confess i was somewhat apprehensive and unnerved by doing so. however, when i quizzed William about if that was the one he really wanted, mindful of what happened in the film, he assured me that yes he did, and it's because of what happened in the film that he wants it. oh. well, at least i know.

what about the 50% i sort of did not do quite as accurately? well, James made a request for one of a number of different Lego sets what were also branded with Star Wars. i looked at the ones he requested, and then elected to get one which was even better.

no, not the massive Spider Man thing or the Jurassic World thing or the lamp, the bit at the forefront. that is indeed the smart carbon freezing chamber off of Cloud City off of The Empire Strikes Back, arguably the greatest of great Star Wars films.

James had requested something more Episode VII based, or failing that one what had Obi Wan in it, but what did anyone think would happen when i saw a Lego set what had a frozen Han Solo and Boba Fett in it?

i would have every reason to suspect that some of you, in going back to the first toy, would very much like to see an image of me getting battered with the lightsaber of Kylo Ren. here you go.....

a nice bit of motion blur on there, as you can see, so that you are assured of the fact that yes, i really was getting twatted one with it.

back to the other one then, and yes, of course, here we go with a closer look at Han Solo in his frozen form, along with Boba Fett

the frozen carbon thing for Han Solo is smart. the back is open, so you can take the little Lego dude that;s supposed to be Han out and, i guess, put him back in. the whole thing is also on a quite smart gear system, so you can make the frozen slab go up and down.

oddly i found myself watching Episode VII again this morning. it's really good, man. well done to all involved with making it.

anyhow, on with the remainder of my Saturday, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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