Tuesday, June 07, 2016

fear kasabian

hey there

if i were, for some reason beyond the level of abstracts i can think in, asked randomly for an opinion on the band Kasabian it is highly likely that my answer wouLD BE "they're all right". my first thoughts would be that the guitarist / songwriter Serge is all awesome rock, but the band are let down somewhat by a singer that simply does not "feel" rock and roll, either in terms of stage presence or vocals.

should i take a further moment to think on the matter, however, i would say actually they are well smart, and i have yet to hear the song or the album off of the band that wasn't decent. and, to that extent, it would in all likelihood occur to me that i had a complete, as far as it thus can be, collection of their recordings.

yes, that is all five albums released today, with two of them or if you like 40% being in "special edition" format. no, sorry, i've not got the "live" release, the DVD of them live what came with Velociraptor will suffice. although i suspect when it is cheap enough i will purchase the SE of 48:13 with its further live shenanigans.

for what reason have i brought the subject of Kasabian to this blog again? something to post, i suppose, to keep things ticking over. i fancied having a listen to Velociraptor! mostly, and that led to a play of West Ryder.

and all of that led to me wondering. we're now five albums into the career of Kasabian. what next? my view would be that we, the kids who wanna rock, are due either a "greatest hits" release from them, or quite possibly a rock opera. in either case, for some reason i have assumed that it would be called Fear Kasabian, as that just strikes me as the sort of thing they would call a release.

on the off chance that it be the former, to be sure, i have made a mix for the car. here you go.

yeah, you can't actually play that, it's just a screenshot of the songs what i picked, and the order. if you click on it then perhaps it will go larger and you can read what i selected.

do i consider the above to be the perfect or absolute best Kasabian collection? no, it's just what i fancied having on for my travels around, and in the order i wanted it.

indeed i am aware of the fact that the band have played some new tunes at their "homecoming" gig in Leicester. once that would suggest a new album in the offing, but these days sees it as standard to have one or two new songs thrown onto a best of. also, for all we know the new song, or songs, could be off of the "rock opera" they will inevitably make, if now then presumably "inspired" by the Leicester success story in the football and that.

something that you always, always, always have to remember about Kasabian is the urgent need to love, appreciate and support them no matter what they do, for Billy Bragg hates them. well, not hates, but is immensely jealous. granted, the list of people Billy hates / is jealous of is very big, for it is based on feelings towards those who have had more successful (as in sales) careers than him. when Kasabian released 48:13 and were anointed as headline material for Glastonbury, the Billy didn't half go off on one.

considering the band lifted their name off of the getaway driver for the Manson family, the more i think on then the more Fear Kasabian sounds like a smart name for a release off of them.

as a consequence, no matter how sh!t anything is that they record, i will buy literally any release Kasabian make, except maybe the live album thing.

what have i got against Billy Bragg? nothing, really. he did some top tunes, but alas nothing that was ever likely to be a commercial success. this is something he has, time and again through his comments about them, made the problem of other bands.

anyway, let me go make merry with the Kasabian collection. and my apologies if, for some reason, it turns out that their next release is most decidedly not called Fear Kasabian, but it would awesome if that was the case.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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