Wednesday, June 29, 2016

nothing that happened happened today

hello there

not much really, just a follow up of sorts, look you see, for those regular readers of this blog that for some reason like a conclusion to things what have happened.

a little while ago, as in as recently as last week, there was an incident and accident which saw all sorts of flares and sirens kick off on my computer. if you care to do so you can click here and see how my computer was apparently infected with a form of plague that not even the Google had heard of.

i took, as you may well expect, precisely no actions about it, save mentioning them in passing on here. it was something of a surprise, then to see the test results today.....

yes, quite. apparently it went away all by itself, or whoever put it on my machine "rehacked" it and removed it, or it never existed, then.

so, there you have it. do remember to take free virus checks from people trying to sell you anti-virus software very serious, and act on them - with coins of money - as fast as you can, i guess.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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