Saturday, July 04, 2015

giddy, and the generosity of spiros

hi there

apologies, look you see, for july thus far being a quiet month here on this blog. or, if you like, sorry for getting around to finding a few moments to break the most welcome, pleasant silence.

i probably do have a couple of things to update here, but i haven't found the time - sorry, my free moments have been spent engaging politicians of a provincial and national nature to debate what does and does not constitute as "public transport". but more of that later.

yesterday, presumably ahead of celebrations of the day today in which America marks their independence, Ben at verk and, to an extent, i, were presented with some American chocolate. a brand, style and nature of which i was hitherto unfamiliar with.

my life has been somewhat bereft of anything one might describe as giddy for a few weeks now, so it was all the more pleasant that we be presented with some chocolate that is called Giddy. cheers for that Mark, it was much appreciated. and me making Ben eat some first was not that i did not trust you, just rather a small test for him about the danger of accepting sweets off of strangers.

how was the chocolate? really rather pleasant, in truth. i would not go so far as to say that it is the single greatest every chocolate that i have tasted, but i would be delighted, indeed prepared, to say that it is some considerable distance north on the list from the worst ones that i have ever had. American milk chocolate, it would seem, does not focus on the higher volume of milk that us Europeans associate with that terminology.

in regards of their celebrations, well, i mean it's awesome that they are an independent country and that, and what a many magnificent thing America has done, but i really do not see how electing a succession of people off of the Clinton and Bush family is all that more brilliant from having Her Majesty The Queen in charge of it all. when they run out of members of the Bush or Clinton family, or simply get bored, i dare say we would, with good grace, welcome them back to the fold.

this? it's just a t-shirt celebrating the band The Specials that Spiros decided to send me. nice one, man.

am i a big fan, or in any way rather enthusiastic about The Specials? not really. i mean, i am vaguely aware of that one song they did, Too Much Too Young, and they might have done Pressure Drop, but that is it.

why do i have this shirt, then, you may well wonder. Spiros, it seems, was all p!ssed up on the cider when he decided to order himself a t-shirt off of the internet, and ordered two in error. it was, apparently, easier, or "same difference", to send it to me as it was to return it. as for why exactly he is ordering t-shirts celebrating The Specials, it's due to him getting all p!ssed up on the cider and buying some tickets for a gig they are doing. if you're noticing a common occurrence in the Spiros decision process, you are quite correct to have done so.

should you wish to get an item in the post off of Spiros, do not forget that, as far as i am aware, you can still email him and ask for something to be sent to you by clicking here.

i have just had a look and, unless the Spiros has deleted them, no one beyond Google has yet taken advantage of the address. hey ho, perhaps someone will one day, now that they know things like t-shirts celebrating Bad Manners, or whoever, are being randomly sent out.

more as and when, dear reader, more as and when.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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