Monday, July 06, 2015

the day the donkey derby came to town

hello there

ok, so the donkey derby didn't strictly come to town, and it was more that we went to a seaside town where the donkeys were already roaming. it's just that in my experience, look you see, it is always better to make a reference to Mulligan & O'Hare when the opportunity presents itself.

instead, then, this is more a post about the 75% of my family that you all unequivocally like, something of a pleasant change from the 25%, or if you like me, that you normally get.

as we progress through the vagaries of time, dear reader, you and i shall learn only too well how much the phrase red car was of relevance this weekend gone, but for now we shall limit ourselves to speaks of the subject of Redcar. for that is where the road took us.

we had reason to be in and around the place, and so we went the full distance of the sea front, not too far from the somewhat controversial "vertical pier", or if you like tower. a reason for games, ice cream and an admiration of the sea, then.

yeah, that's one of them electronic "rocking horse" giddy up there, get going type of rides. which cost me a mere £1 coin each for them to have a ride on. well, the boys wanted a go, so that was that on the expenditure front, so i extracted my money's worth with the above image and the below video.

Redcar is, like, totes close to us, and we should go there more often really. why don't we? life gets in the way, i suppose. we all get so damned busy with this and that, it seems, that we just don't go, you know what, let's go and throw coins at a flashy light machine, eat fish and chips touched with the salt of sea air and dine on the finest lemon top ice creams known to man.

you'd have thought, what with so many years landlocked in the inland empire of Johannesburg, and me forgetting from time to time that i lived in Cape Town, that i would be mad keen to see the sea as often as possible. well, it's smart to and all that, but so long as i know it is within reach that's fine. 

yeah, that's a view of the Redcar beach and skyline, neither unblemished or enhanced by wind turbines or the petrochemical wonderland works, depending on your point of view. i wouldn't really wish to get too serious in this blog, but i do get differing opinions on the place. to many Redcar is just home, to some it's a place they resent and dislike, to others, one good friend in particular, it's a brilliant town worth fighting for and making it what it should be.

me? i've never had a bad experience with the place, and everyone i've met from there has been perfectly all right by me, thanks. if it was my home town then sure i would get the hump with this and that, just like everyone does with wherever their home town happens to be, but it's a place i do like to visit.

as do the boys, getting back on track, as there are lots of smart games and things for them to play. like, for instance, this absolutely massive, rather boss Transformers game.

yeah, it could well be that the boys are indeed a bit younger than the intended, marketed age for this game. we like, however, to think that we've done that thing called parenting, and thus they know there isn't really cars that turn into massive robots and shoot each other. 

besides, it's enormous fun to play as Beetlebum and Transformer Rex, or whatever it is they are called.

right. the title of this blog post promised you some donkey action, so here is some donkey action. i have, in the hope that it makes your looking at this worthwhile, as big as i can here on this blog. enjoy, all you crazy donkey enthusiasts.

Spiros, oddly, was someone who could "take or leave" donkeys for the most part, right up until the most recent edition of Viz landed. he is now actively exploring ways to hold an encounter with a donkey, and is planning to visit those seaside towns most closely associated with the london life, namely brighton and margate.

moving away very nicely from whatever proclivity has struck Spiros as exciting and if there's one thing that people in close unison think of when they think Redcar, it would be the wonders of the lemon top ice cream. my (considerably) better half indulged in one, whilst the boys had all sorts of exotic things on the go.

i also indulged in the ways of the lemon top, but had to abandon my attempt to eat it. myself and ice cream often wrestle, if not quarrel, with the ice cream getting the better of me. i got terrible, painful brain freeze, look you see. yeah, no doubt i, and not the ice cream, was at fault.

and oh yes, that's two buses in the background. if you live in Redcar, right, the council throw more buses than you could possibly ever wish for at you. if buses are less than a quarter empty going to and from Redcar, the authorities think that increasing the number of buses there whilst decreasing services everywhere else is the action that is required. lucky Redcar people, i say.

well, that was elements of saturday for us, on top of shopping, cleaning, having a 40 or so minute power cut and visiting relatives. all this and, as you can see, moments of summer were with us in terms of the weather. nice one, and i hope your weekend was equally splendid.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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