Tuesday, July 21, 2015

what happens if i press this one?

hi there

well, yes. i should, look you see, be making more effort to update this blog on a far more frequent basis at the moment. i know a few of you are rather excited about me driving on a regular basis, and look forward to tales of woe, collision and indeed elk avoidance. sorry, no incidents to report as such as yet, and not really a great deal of interest to share here.

connecting the two above, however, gives me reason to post something and pose a question.

as i drove home today, in the midst of a traditional English summer, i was struck by how dark it was, due to the warm, elegant overcast weather conditions we are enjoying. i was further struck by the fact that most other motorists were driving around with their lights on, so that they may be all the more visible to other, or if you like fellow, motorists, as well as pedestrians and elk and that sort of thing.

i contemplated - briefly - putting the lights on in my car, to do a sort of "solidarity" like thing, i suppose; some act that might make me briefly feel like i fit in somewhere in the world and belong.

the brief ways of my contemplation were mostly as a result of my confusion as to how the lights actually work, which came not long after i established just where Mercedes, or whoever, decided it would be a good idea to put the light switch.

i am at something of a loss here, dear reader. i am used to a kind of a twirly knob sort of thing, or indeed button, that one may with ease use to deploy, ignite or switch on lights. this is all dials, numbers and turny switches, this. it has left me confused, bewildered and, if i am a little bit honest, somewhat scared of what will happen if i press any or all of them.

if anyone reading this has some sort of easy way of explaining to me how exactly i just switch "normal" lights on, and indeed how i switch them off at a later stage, i would greatly appreciate it. winter, as some tv show has been saying for a few years, is coming, and it's not like that is going to make the skies any lighter.

yes, i would agree, or indeed concede, that my usual approach to lights on cars is that they are entirely superfluous. you only really need them if you are a complete fanny or right nancy boy, or otherwise want to draw attention to yourself. "ooh, hey, look at me! i am fancy and posh as i have lights!". that's the same logic them show off posers have when they put their indicators on; like i am supposed to care where they are going. however, here there seems to be a great emphasis on people driving legally and safely, so i thought i would give it a go.

and yes, stopping at red lights, and sticking to your designated side of the road, does kind of go against all that i ever saw on the streets of Johannesburg.

i look forward to being, as it were, illuminated by your guide on what to do with all them switches, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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