Saturday, July 04, 2015

bus vibes #24 - essential movies

hello there

the end is in sight, look you see. bus vibes, and for that matter bus books, will very quickly become a thing to look back towards here rather than waiting for the next instalments. this is for reasons entirely out of my control, and for concerns which are more good than bad.

but still, what'd you say, let's boogie whilst they are on the go. having finished a book one journey shorter than i expected to, i turned to the vibes to entertain me on the voyage home this friday. having been in receipt of some very smart cds recently, i decided to turn to one of them, transformed of course to "ipod compatibility" for ease of listening on the go.

oh, wow. most of these pictures, as you can tell off of the outrageous commodore 64 mode use, were taken on the iTwat phone. blogger has agreed to upload them with the rotation i intended. nice one.

The Essential Movies is a set i picked up off of a basket by Morrisons cigarette counter. this 3 CD set, containing 63 vibes famously associated with or written for some films of significance, set me back all of £2. wow, what a deal. if you follow that link in the title, you will see that amazon propose to charge you a good deal more.

how awesome are the tracks? very. there's not a bad track on it, in truth, with even the one and only decent thing that anyone connected to Echo & The Bunnymen did, a cover of People Are Strange for use in the film The Lost Boys, featuring. you are probably better off clicking the link i have included to see the tracks proper, but here's a rare non-Commodore 64 mode picture for you.

particular highlights? there are many, dear reader, many for the movie lover out there. actually, it's that good that it is probably worth the price amazon are asking for it, but bonus if you can get it at the fee i got asked for.

a snippet? sure. here's a gem from Giorgio Moroder, in the form of The Chase off of the brilliant but not easy viewing film Midnight Express.

they have not messed around with the packaging, either. it's one of them cardboard things that seem very trendy with eco fans. it is, however, a shiny gloss four panel one, with some really smart pictures of movie making stuff on. which you can sort of get a sense of from this Commodore 64 mode with scan lines on images on the middle, or if you like central, panels.

tracks that i was particularly happy to all of a sudden own for £2? whereas i was not at all impressed by Kill Bill, that massive battle towards the end of Vol 1 was quite something. as point of fact, those that claim the films are brilliant are really only talking about that bit. the entrance music to that scene, Battle Without Honour Or Humanity is present. and, no matter how much of a twat he is, Moby is on here with Extreme Ways off of them Bourne films. amazing song, man.

a bit of funk in your life? why, certainly. here's Curtis Mayfield (not the football one, so far as i know), with the uber-funk psychedelia sounds of Superfly

 there's a fair few songs on here that have been used to great effect in more than one film. Mirror In The Bathroom by The Beat, for instance, is here attributed to the underrated Rocknrolla, but i associate it more closely with Grosse Pointe Blank. that film is represented here with A Message To You Rudy by The Specials, that band that i apparently quite like.

and yes, The King, Elvis Presley, is here, with the original version of A Little Less Conversation off of the Oceans 11 soundtrack, rather than the remixed one that got used by Nike and them that do dodgy deals in charge of the football.

yeah, this picture is off of my blueberry, so it did not feel left out.

the only real problem with this set is that it is called 'The Essential', a phrase which started off life at being aimed at tossers, wankers and other wastes of space.

it was the early 90s, look you see, when that big massive Italian, Pavarotti or similar, got all famous for doing some incoherent whining to celebrate Italy hosting a world cup. wankers, tossers, et al all jumped up and down, excited that someone off of opera (or whatever) had crossed over to the mainstream. the record labels clocked this and this foisted the first ever CD to be called essential, The Essential Pavarotti, on the world. utter, utter wankers that somehow managed to also have a social life could buy it and go "here, illiterate peasant friend, you may listen to this, so that you at the least have experienced the essential works of him that did the song for the football and that". it was also a lovely, handy present to buy elderly relatives.

the days ahead might feature a final bus vibes or two. if not, well, wow, what a mix to bow out on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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