Sunday, July 26, 2015

batman shoes

hello there

the boys, as boys are so often inclined to be, look you see, require some new shoes. other than the fact that they are growing lads and thus need bigger sizes, they have an incredible knack of demolishing and destroying shoes in a way us of an adult age are not.

i was merrily on my way to go and purchase some more when i recalled that earlier in the year i had purchased an as yet unworn pair for William. i saw them, saw that they were too large, but thought that he would very much want them when his feet got a bit bigger. they have, and he does.

yes, dear reader. indeed, as the title promised, and as you can see right before you in the above image, these are a pair of very smart Batman shoes. or, if you like, they are shoes which have Batman on them. that last way of describing them is probably the more accurate one, for i suspect, pedantic fans, that the man of bat did not actually own a pair of these himself.

a look at them through the magical lens of Commodore 64 mode with scan lines on? why, certainly, for that is something which would make these cool shoes even cooler.

going through my gallery of Commodore 64 mode pictures, i am certain that the quality and output of the images is far better on the iPod than it is on this iPhone device which Spiros very kindly gave me. however, the iPhone is easier to get and, well, scan lines are scan lines.

going back to the shoes, and not only do they look cool, but they also do something very cool indeed. something that i was unaware of them doing at the time i purchased them, so a happy accident.

yes, in particular for those of you watching on an Apple device and are unable to actually see the above video, they do indeed a smart "chasing lights" light up effect when they hit the ground. no, sadly, to my knowledge they do not do grown up shoes with such fancy features on them. that Usain Bolt fella would look all the more awesome, and probably go even faster, if he had fancy lights on the go when he did that smart running stuff he does, for instance.

i would be sure that people who like either Batman or shoes, or are all the more excited by a combination of the two, would like a bit more details on the shoes, or at least another detailed picture. here's the side, which seems to have some randomly selected panel off of a comic strip on it.

yeah, sorry about it being upside down. i tried to rotate it around so it was the right way, but google was having none of it. google really doesn't like it when you try and upload pictures taken off of an Apple device, and it shows the contempt in not rotating images.

it is indeed all velcro in terms of securing the shoe onto a foot, as you have probably worked out. that rather smart Batman logo is indeed the closing velcro strap thingie, it's not like it is hiding another strap or encases laces or something like that.

would i be interested in a pair of these if they did them in an adult size 13? probably, yeah. if i got funny looks or stares off of the public, well, that would be their problem for looking at my feet in the first place.

i only got a pair of these for William. although they had them in his size, James expressed a wish not to have smart shoes featuring Batman, lest they make him seem "uncool" amongst his gang of mates. which is fair enough, i would have had similar concerns, although many of my friends would argue that at any stage of my life it would have been virtually impossible for me to reach an "uncooler" level than i was naturally on.

an image of the boys in the glory of Commodore 64 mode? sure, why not.

as for practical matters and considerations of these shoes, i paid a price of £12.99 for them, which i considered to be most agreeable and acceptable. where did i get them? from that nice man Mike Ashley at his class store Sports Direct. as regular readers will appreciate, i do like to spend as much money as possible at Sports Direct, for it allows that nice man Mike Ashley to hire yet more members of the so called "cockney mafia" to work at Newcastle United; a thing that geordies seem to love.

i would think that i have pretty much said all that i can think of to say about these shoes, so here you go, another picture of the top bit, or if you like front, so you can see how class they are.

it will be interesting to see how long these shoes last. William's usual approach would be one of demolishing the shoes as quickly as possible. with the Batman on them, however, it's possible that he might well elect to look after them.

hopefully this has been of some interest to all you shoe enthusiasts and Batman fans!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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