Monday, July 13, 2015

burlington breakfast

hello there

yes, i know, look you see, there are plenty of things that you want to read about here. plenty. these would include, but are not limited to, how i got on driving too and from verk for the first time today, the last (for now, possibly forever) of the bus vibes, my correspondence with the bus people over what does and does not constitute as "public transport" and, of course, my recent illness.

in regards of the latter, dear reader, i seem to be plagued once more with ebola loaded manflu that has ebola, sarin gas and scurvy in it. also, and actually quite possibly really the case for a change, it could well be that i am one of the 3000 or so people who contract all that E.coli business in the UK each month. whilst it would be splendid to be a humble statistic, i am really rather keen for that bothersome element to leave me.

instead of any of the above, however, come with me as i taste the final of the three most splendid marmalades that, after careful vetting and consideration, the esteemed Fortnum & Mason permitted me to purchase from them.

the third and final jar of the set i purchased from them, in the presence of Spiros, was the Burlington Breakfast blend, or if you like composition. was it the case that, by simply dining on them in the order in which they were presented, i saved the best until last? perhaps.

of the three, the texture, or if you like concoction on offer here with the Burlington  Breakfast marmalade is the smoothest, in that it has no elements of rind or curd in it. so refined and smooth it is, as point of fact, that one could easily mistake it for the mass produced, paste like marmalade which is made available to the lower classes and peasants through low brow, cheap and invariably anything but cheerful outlets.

the smoothness of this marmalade, fine cut as it is, made it a veritable breeze to spread upon some toast on which i had place ample butter. i felt somewhat heart sore at doing this, for marmalade should always provide something of a challenge to consumption for the members of the gentry on a morning.

speaking of members of the gentry, here, have a look at this cheeky chappie, whom i photographed from a television screen during a recent rebroadcast of a classic episode of Bullseye.

is itjust me, or does this chap have something of a slight resemblance to the celebrated association football player Robbie Fowler? on Bullseye he had the given name of Don or Dan or some other similar three letter concoction, with it of course being rather crass and lowly for a gent to have a three letter name. perhaps, then, it is the case that he resides in the same gene pool from whence Mr Fowler of Robbie spawned.

back, after that pause, then, to Burlington Breakfast.

despite the ease with which one may spread this marmalade over toast, the taste and experience of consuming it was, on the whole, most agreeable and indeed enjoyable. i thought that perhaps my eating of it would be sullied, if not marred, by the lack of battle in getting it on to the toast, but, happily i suppose, this was not to be the case.

a triumphant image of the Burlington Breakfast marmalade in Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines on? my goodness, why the devil not?

of the three marmalades which i have been honoured enough to be able to taste from Fortnum & Mason, it is without a shadow of a doubt that i say it is Sir Nigel's marmalade, the first that i had, which i would return to. this would be second, with, and let me be very careful with the typing here, Old English Hunt (there i did it) a respectable third.

i may well return to London to purchase some more, or i might well avail myself of their so-called "online" service to arrange delivery of further marmalade. actually, i have just consulted with my (considerably) better half on this subject, and she has assured me that i will in fact be ordering it on this so-called "online" facility which Fortnum & Mason invented.

meanwhile, to bring closure to this blog post, here is a rather splendid image of the people of London celebrating a performance by that much admired band The Specials.

Spiros was indeed at this event, and it was he who forwarded this image to me. it sounds like he had a fabulous time, grooving to all them songs that The Specials did and joining in with the crowd when they elected to suggest that certain groups should, as far as they were concerned, "f*** off back" to whichever province or nation they hailed from. the band coming out in support of the striking Tube drivers, if you can call pressing a big button driving, was not, i gather, as well received by the crowd as the band might have both hoped and intended it would be.

i shall take my leave of you now, dear reader, to consume further medicines, or if you like muti, in the most earnest hope that my health is restored to whatever usual level it is, which granted and in all fairness is probably not all that high up in comparison to most.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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