Wednesday, June 11, 2014

hardcore bookmark action

hello there

well, that's me puzzled, yet again, by the reaction i get from you, dear readers. of the excessive, long and probably tiresome post i did yesterday, or if you like the day before today, or indeed earlier if you are not reading this today, it seems that most interest was generated by the ad hoc, temporary bookmark i was using prior to the purchase of a saucy one or two. well, two.

i don't understand why exactly the bit of card that came with a badge would be of all that much interest, but it's not for me to throw questions at you that warrant an answer.

here to go, then, here is the "temp" bookmark, or book mark if that is the right way of saying it.

i am not sure what all the fuss is, but there you have it. admire away, enthusiasts of temporary markers of book passages and that.

why, if i have fancy new saucy bookmarks, have i not thrown this one out? because of the latent resilience it has. this thing has, intrepidly perhaps, ensured a class badge got to me, and has served me well with my books on the bus. it does not deserve some sort of Game Of Thrones styled disposal. it shall stay with me, then, on the off chance that i tire of the cheeky, saucy bookmarks.

now then, some of you regular readers will recall earlier in the year - as opposed to later - of that time when you were bored to tears by my account of a knacked bridge, yet were impressed by the presentation of images of it in Commodore 64 mode. i am thrilled to say the bridge is, at last, being fixed so that it is less knacked. many thanks to Uncle Trev for this picture of the bridge as a, if you will, work in progress.

it should, according to all them signs and that, be fixed and done by the end of this week. which is rather close, i believe. splendid, nice one.

it's not, in fairness, that the temporary bookmark was the only matter to solicit comment. there were some positive noises about the amazing vibes of the new Kasabian album too. i mention that before anyone gets all Australian about it and makes a comment saying this was the case. as it was.

i understand that some of you will not be of a mind to enjoy the softcore image of a temporary bookmark, so depraved and twisted has your mind become from exposure to filth on the net of inter. very well, for you i present some hardcore bookmark action - here it is, as it were, performing.

oh yes, that's the magnificent Sepulchre, or however you spell it, by James Herbert. i really enjoyed this book, man, but more on that as and when i do my regular book review thing. this was and indeed is at this stage the last book to have used the temporary bookmark you all, and by all i mean some if not one or two, seem to think of as being so f****** amazing.

presently, with the saucy bookmark of the umbrella nature, i am reading something called How It Ended by Jay McInerney, as supposed and so-called comtemporary of that Bret Easton Ellis chap. thus far all indicators point, as indicators are prone to do, to it not getting all that good of a review. but it cost a quid, so there you go. i wouldn't wish to pre-empt reviews, but i do look forward to the day that i read a book by the Jay and it's actually worth it, even if it all happens quite by accident.

anyway, that's quite enough on bookmarks for now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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