Tuesday, June 03, 2014

clean up

hi there

i was not, oddly, going to do a blog thing tonight. i had every intention of at this moment being either knee deep in the last pages of a novel i have been reading on the bus (Manta's Gift or something like that), and then was going to have a look at thus Uncanny Tales business i was so excited about (see previous post). however, on the off chance that any regular reader of this blog is trotting about the rather more historical parts of the world in some distress, i thought it best if i provided some light relief.

anyway, today mostly i have made some things all tidy nice-nice in the way of closing accounts that need no longer be open. as PayPal, or if you like the Pal of Pay, will not let you change countries and retain the same account, that had to go bye-bye. which means, dear reader, the donation button - that absolutely no one ever clicked on to give me as much as 50c - has been deleted. it was over there to the side, below the previous posts listings and that.

there was a balance of sorts in my Pal of Pay account, but not one worth bothering about. PayPal have handed it over to some good cause on my behalf.

am i annoyed that the Pal of Pay would not let me change my country on my account? not in the slightest. it is an understandable security measure. i will get annoyed, however, if i now cannot open up an account with the same address and that. but will worry about that later.

meanwhile, a pleasant surprise later this afternoon, or if you like earlier this evening, when my (considerably) better half accused me of paying four homosexual men 25p each for some sort of services at 8:41am this morning. she had, interestingly enough, the receipt to give substance to her allegations.

yes, indeed, if you can read it, that does say "4 Pack Fruit Men" on the slip off them at Primark. no, Primark do not - at least so far as i am aware - sell fruity men in sets of four for sexual acts, with each chap being valued, by default, at 25p each. if they did do that, one would rather suspect they would not offer it quite so early in the morning.

in my defence in respect of the above accusations, all i can offer is this.

yes, i indulged and purchased a packet that contained for packs of them fruit mentos things. quite juicy and tasty they were, too, thanks for asking.

it's an interesting slant on the politically correct, sensitive ways that all of my comments here will, i suspect, be taken with good humour and as intended by the many gay chaps and ladies i count amongst my friends, yet i dare say one or two of the more hetero readers (who no doubt dress as badly as i) will take offence on their behalf. hey ho. on the fence will be Spiros, of course, who will have just got all excited about the idea of sex of any description for 25p.

if Spiros has finished fighting with taxi drivers, that is, but that is another story. anyway, that receipt again, for no apparent reason.

anyhow, back to our friends at Pay Pal, or whatever. they seem very upset that i have closed my account, even though it was not by choice at all and i will probably get around to doing a new one, as and when i feel the need to have another edition of Uncanny Tales, or perhaps some ink, arrive in the post.

a bit of a downside is that, by default, i accidentally lost US$15 i had with one of them Freelancer web things. you had to have a minimum of $30 to withdraw it, or something, and i never bothered doing any more work for them. hey ho.

if you have hit this via google wondering how to go about changing your account to a different country on that whole Pay Pal thing, i quite agree with you, they are not as forward as they could be in telling you what to do.

on the off chance anyone found anything at all interesting here, nice one.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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