Saturday, June 14, 2014

toothpaste, special edition and hair

hi there

a few people tend to get quite upset - so upset it's almost like they are being Australian about it, really - about them 'special edition' versions of Star Wars. according to some vocal fans, the man who wrote, created and owned it all should not be allowed to fiddle with it or change it unless he has had the approval of some fan in Grantham, Basingstoke or similar locale in America.

i think they forget that the special edition versions gave us this.

yep, more Boba Fett. an unused scene, visible only without special effects on some "making of" VHS for years, was fiddled with to include Boba and shoved into the "special edition" of the first one of them Star Wars films. that in itself makes the special editions the most awesome things ever, as they have more Boba.

with some good fortune there will be, by some miracle of resurrection or escape, an appearance by Boba Fett in the new film, Epsiode Whatever. i seem to recall reading that they were doing a Boba, and Boba only film too. well, not Boba Fett on his own, presumably it will feature him chasing people around. if it is Han Solo he seeks again, it should be easy enough to catch him.

it has been headline news that Harrison Ford, he who plays the Solo of Han, knacked his ankle a bit whilst making the new film. that hobble should slow him down a touch, you would think, making it all too easy for Boba Fett, or any lesser bounty hunter, to catch him.

what bothers me, and what few others have said about this picture posted in celebration of his injury, is that it would seem in the new film Han Solo will be wearing a common, mid-priced watch and will have some sort of goatee beard on the go. neither i like, but i am prepared to give it a go.

Boba Fett would never have a goatee. Boba Fett also has no need of time, although there are some class watches featuring him you can get.

watches must be pretty strange in Star Wars land, anyway, what with all this "parsecs" business instead of minutes, hours and that.

no doubt the new Star Wars films, even if they are the best thing ever, will attract the usual abuse from fans who believe they could have made much better films with their ace ideas. i am happy to believe that they could make better ones, of course. if they are that good, it should be easy enough for them to raise about US$10billion or so, buy the rights and then make the films themselves as they should be made. as they will be very busy raising the money and hiring actors, i and i suspect everyone else will be happy for them to shut up about it and get on with it.

i went for a bit of a haircut and a substantial amount of shave today.

i am not really in the mood for a "full on" selfie thing of it all, in truth. however, it seemed like a not too bad, if not too good, idea to give you a fragment, or if you like preview, of how it went.

i am reasonably satisfied with it, i suppose. as there is less hair about my face and head there is, as a consequence, less grey, so that's nice. one or two strands seem to have escaped the blade of the barber, but no matter, i can soon fix those parts up with a knife, a ciagrette lighter and with the drive of the hammer of the gods.

anyway, another look at Boba Fett. this one shows off his ace rocket and jet pack thing. smart it is.

on the subject of Boba Fett, New Zealand. as regulars here are only too aware, usually when i hear from New Zealand it in some capacity features toothpaste that has love beads shoved in it.

today i heard from New Zealand, and indeed it was all toothpaste.

that is a most impressive haul of the stuff, is it not? blessed be the person who bought this and took it over for my Dad; for it saves me having to buy and post any of the stuff any time soon.

am i a failure for sending only two tubes recently, not twelve like featured here? yes, i suppose i am. i could not argue with being accused of being a disgrace either, really. i have, over the years, sent him a maximum of 10 at one go, so even in the grand scheme of things i have, i suppose, offended my Dad by not paying the right amount of respect in offering tributes of toothpaste with love bead toothpaste in.

i shall try to do better next time.

anyhow, that will do for now. until the next time, then

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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