Sunday, June 29, 2014

perfect hibernation

hi there

yes, as the title pretty much says, mostly a Boba Fett related post. for, like, you know, a change.

i felt, as i had not done so for a bit and because the chance and certain elements permitted it, obliged to pop into our storage, or if you like the rage of store, yesterday. i needed not to collect anything, although it would have been a most splendid thing if i had worked out which box some of my printer in was in. this i did not, alas, do, which may well mean i have to throw some coins of money to a nice chap located where that band Kasabian come from (or thereabouts) to get some more.

i did, however, find my class Boba Fett blaster. or electronic blaster, if you like. yet another item, then, of high value that the Somali pirates did not intercept and steal.

i did, alas, sadly perhaps, leave it safe in storage. it was somewhat tempting to bring it out, bring it home and play with it, but it would probably end up broken or something. rather stay in hibernation, dear Boba Fett related items, where you are safe from all the harm and the ills the world could deliver to you.

are there some more class Boba Fett things coming up in this post? why yes, there indeed is, but just hold on for a while, please.

in storage, and indeed in a state of perfect hibernation, i found this iPod thingie. it was in a state of perfect hibernation before it was ever packed up, look you see, for the battery thing seemed to have given up the ghost.

i am taking it to one of them iPod menders people and, to be honest, i am excited by the idea of finding out what happens in terms of a cost being thrown at me for replacing the battery, or if you like the iBattery. age is something that Apple, after all, show nothing but disdain and contempt for, and this item has something of an age to it. i think this model, all 30GB of it and was one of the first iPods, or Pods of i if you like, to have a colour screen and video about it. the origin of this pod of i was my Dad, who bought it as a demo model, and then got another one not so long after. i think this is some ten years old, which by Apple standards is ancient.

to show how old it is, this one even allows you to switch it off. yes, an Apple product with a power button. once there was such a thing.

as Apple only really like their products to last two years, encouraging further sales, i will be interested to see at what cost Mr Menders put on this. as most mender places also sell trade in models, usually from around £45 or so for them "nano" variations, this may not be cost effective. we shall see. and indeed we, as i will be sure to provide updates.

back to Boba, then, and on my shopping today i saw - but did not purchase - this.

yes, Boba Fett's ship, the magnificent Slave 1 or Slave I, if that is how you are supposed to say it. a very nippy, nifty piece of technology it is, too. and yes it does indeed cost £20, as the price tag says. 

it was not the high cost that saw me not buy it. no, it was the fact that you still cannot buy a Boba Fett to put in it. nope, as is standard, no action figures are included with the ship itself. what makes this all more annoying is, of course, for display purposes there is a toy Boba Fett shown on the box, down at the bottom corner. 

i still don't get the thinking of those that deal in selling Star Wars stuff. why is it that they flat refuse to sell any Boba Fett figures? if they put one out for sale at the £20 they are asking for his ship, no problem, i would hand it over to get it/him. 

i don't see the point of getting the Slave I ship just to shove Jar Jar Binks or Luke into it, sadly. 

speaking of annoying the fans, it is of course Glastonbury this weekend, and last night the magic of Metallica played. the idea of this upset a few people.

much as Star Wars attracts annoying fans who demand films be made "how they think they should be made", so Glastonbury is a magnet for pious, self-absorbed dicks. a lot of people say that Metallica "shouldn't be at my Glastonbury". well, then they should go buy their own farm and host their own festival, then. this is on the basis that it is too much effort for them to either simply not go to that field if at the festival, or simply not watch the broadcast of this band on the TV. Glastonbury is, so far as i am aware, a music festival, and with several millions in sales i think it is the case that Metallica are, for a lot of people, music.

they were ace, by the way. if you were unable to see it, i am pretty sure you can find it online somewhere.

anyway, a rainy road for you.

right, that is all i have to show you in the world of Boba Fett at the moment. it is entirely possible that i think about it and return to buy the ship without a Boba Fett to shove in it, we shall see.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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