Thursday, June 19, 2014

on a thursday

hello there

well, what can i say. when the people are not taking selfies, usually they ae taking pictures of what they are eating, or are about to eat. there is something of a point to me doing this on this rather fine evening, so do not only just bear with me, but also do not stop bearing with me.

here's that dinner in full then. well, not actually in full, but here.

for what reason am i presenting that which i am to eat? or was going to eat earlier, and did, as point of fact eat? yes, indeed, ate, as it were, and enjoyed. well, because it was quite a confusing thing to cook, as it happens. which is odd, as i always thought that the point, if not purpose, of microwave food meal things was that they were easy.

behold, the instructions.

yeah, that's a touch blurry that is, sorry.

anyway, basically what it says is that you leave that "film" on and pierce it several times before microwaving. no problem, did that with a fork, and further did so in the most elegant and sophisticated way i could.

the trick is, right, that whilst it makes it explicit in its clarity that the film is to remain on, it says you microwave it for two minutes, stir it, then microwave again for another two minutes. how the hell are you supposed to stir it with the plastic film thing on? how big did they think the holes i made were?

here's Harry Nilsson in the, so far as i am aware, unreleased film Son Of Dracula.

yeah, i think he is sort of doing one of them trance things.

how did i handle the complexities of the cooking? well, i did a sort of "shake" thing with it, since i was unable, with any comfort, to stir it. that shake rather than stir has done all right for that James Bond fellow, for he seldom ever gets shot much, so i figured it would work for me. it, by jove, did.

here is a most elegant, if somewhat larger than i had perhaps anticipated, purse of red, or if you like red purse, which has the purpose of storing coins of money in it.

truly, it is magnificent. and i dare say impractical, really. if i shoved this in my pocket i suspect it may well cause quite a bulge, of sorts, that may prove to be a distraction amongst the staff of establishments that i offer to be a patron of.

there's a strong case here to suggest that this luxury item may well serve the task of offering a focal point for coins of money to rest in at home. it is a case i feel obliged to find in favour of.

as most aware of me, in passing if they are fortunate, will appreciate, i tend to wander through things in a sort of isolar way, being extraced and indeed excluded from many things; a movement of wisdom if i may pass comment myself. however, once in a while someone does reconsider me, and sends on information or imagery which they will appreciate that i will very much appreciate.

like, for instance, my brother giving it some with a chainsaw.

smart bit of blade, that is. i am usually not keen on the electric ones, as they are very difficult to effectively operate in a car as and when traffic disputes arise (a cigarette lighter connection can only, after all, be expected to do so much in the RPM stakes so vital to chainsawing), but this one is boss, this is.

Richard no doubt, as i and many others did, sat down to watch a game of football this evening, or if you like a game of ball to foot. i know for a fact one company in particular did, and had no hesitation at all in using the scoreline as a means, a conduit if you like, for advertising, even if their target market - we are not, after all, South American - were unlikely to be appreciative of this so soon.

yes, i left the time on the mail there. it was within five minutes of the match drawing to a conclusion that they sent this mail out. astonishing dedication, that is.

no, i will not be using the promo code or anything, thanks.

anyway, i am tired. rest, i must.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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