Monday, June 23, 2014

bus stop, books and billy

hi there

nothing much at all, really. just a checking in sort of thing, i suppose.

i took a picture a bus shelter earlier today. this was done mostly so i could have a gander at the poster on it at my own leisure, so if i hoy it here then i can look at it as and when i remember i have put it up here.

yes, i probably shall be writing about the thing on the poster, but i need to consider and formulate the letter i shall send. i would rather wish to make valid and considered points if possible, rather than just indulging in the waffle i do here. also, i need to purchase further stamps to enter into correspondence in respect of the above, this is not something one trusts to electronic mail. no, a good, decent postal system comes to the fore here.

as, indeed, it did at verk of late. yeah, i know, my verk does not get mentioned as much now as it did when i was back in other verk, but things are all different here. a good bunch, but not a gang of people that you would think would be all that interested in posing with a mug.

i was, for reasons that i care not to go into right now, recently approached by a company called Trip Advisor, who i think do a web page of the same name. they host reviews and that of places that people can go to. or something, i don't know, and legally i am sticking to the statement that i don't know, thanks. anyhow, for some reason they wished to forward me a magnet. as magnets are amongst the most awesome things ever in history, i agreed to their approach and gave them details.

the magnet arrived, but so did the smart sticker you can see in the above picture. it goes quite nicely there on the neck, the stem or the stand of my verk PC monitor; almost as if it were designed to be put there.

do i frequently get (partially) unsolicited offers of magnets as part of my verk as a standard? not really, i would have to say. i am not against the idea of this happening on a frequent basis, but at this stage i would have to consider it unlikely more offers shall follow any time soon.

i am pretty sure most newspaper outlets and tobacconists sell books of stamps. i shall make some polite, perhaps diplomatic, enquiries tomorrow and see what i can do about a letter.

regular readers, for there is such a thing of this blog, will recall that i partially enjoyed a relationship with a novel called The Tenth Justice, the review i sort of did of which can be read by clicking here i think. by chance, and in the most unexpected of places, i found two other novels by the chap that did that one, Brad something. on impulse i bought them.

the unusual circumstances were of a kind that i was in a shop purchasing some coolant formula liquid, for Bessie is doing her leaky-leaky-leak-leak thing again. yes, she shall be off onwards to the mender once more to get mended, or a right good kicking.

yeah, i know i was not all that thrilled with the story/plot of The Tenth Justice, but i really rather enjoyed the writing style, and it compelled me to keep reading. i do have a mountain of literature to get through here, but i figured, well, OK, let me get these now that i have seen them and read them on the bus as and when i am of a mind to do so.

i suspect the bus will feature rather heavily in my letter in respect of the above. or letters, even. the village cannot sustain 113 new cars, and the same council that wishes to let these houses be built are the same that have allowed the bus service to deteriorate to a shocking level, as well as the trains being of no practical use at all for commerce or work.

here is a picture of Billy Dee Williams in a film where he is normal, not a vulcan or whatever in all them Wars Of The Stars things. class hair.

i got, now that i think, another unsolicited, mostly anonymous item in the post today. it was off Spiros, as it happens, but still, anonymous. it was a magazine, or other such periodical, cutting that i suspect i shall not be able to take the entire and full advantage of Spiros may have hoped, but i shall act in accordance with the tacit wishes he has expressed in sending the cutting on an anonymous basis.

Billy Dee Williams would be probably epic in a film on the life and times of that Obama bloke, if this reporting is to be believed. it is in the National Enquirer, so i am assuming it is legit and to be accepted as respectable, as it has the word "national" in its title.

the way, right, that Billy as Lando in that Star Trek film totally f****d over Apollo or Starbuck because of what he did with an X-Wing or something speaks, mostly, of treason, and it seems that treason is the key to what a film about this Obama bloke would be about. i don't, alas, follow American politics as well as i do films, so i am not sure in what sense he did a treason, but if someone took the time and trouble to publish that he did, well then that's enough for me.

i appreciate that most of you stopped reading around about the point of the Billy Dee Williams picture, or even maybe as early as the Brad Thingie books, so i shall just leave it here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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