Thursday, June 05, 2014

being for the benefit

hello there

well, once again, not a lot really. on the off chance that any regular reader of this is going tralalalalalalaaaa around the more unusual areas of Europe, just providing them with something to read to help pass the time as they stare in some very real matter of disbelief. everyone else is, of course, most welcome to read or simply ignore this, whatever they (you) prefer to do.

here, to start off with, then, is a beautiful field that might actually also be one of them meadow things. an amazing, tranquil joy bringing and splendid place to stand and admire, to breathe in and be at one with the world, nature, indeed every living thing within.

i took a picture of it today as yesterday we at the bus stop (yes, including him, child of the condiment phoenix) were treated to the sight and indeed, for the well trained ear, the sounds of a bull and a cow expressing their love for each other as nature intended. well, the bull was expressing his love, in a manner that one of the more unpleasant of the vile gents in that Game Of Thrones thing may even wince at. the bull, at the least, seemed to be rather enjoying it.

sadly there was no such activties to take images of today for your viewing pleasure, but shortly before Mr Bus Driver did his thing and commanded the bus to stop, allowing me to board, some cows did wander along, seemingly eager to keep their distance from the bull; a bull we shall presume as being called Lefty Lannister.

yeah, that's not the best picture in the world. my blueberry phone thing simply does not like the idea, the concept or the point of "zoom". sorry.

if there's all that much interest, then the answer is certainly. the next time i observe some class, sensational bull on cow action i will do all that i can to capture the moment on film for you. or "flash memory", or whatever it is a phone records images on.

so yeah, anyway, in the absence of all that much of interest to post here, i thought you may all want to see a picture that combines the elements of the sky, one of them class new shirts i got and my valiant efforts to quit / cut down considerably on all that smoking nonsense.

Bessie is back, by the way. it was indeed, by good fortune and favour, just some sort of pipe, tube, wire or that kind of thing needed replacing on it. about thirty notes it cost in all, plus about that again to keep, ensure and maintain the movements of my (considerably) better half as mobile as she wished and needed to be. she is getting quite high maintenance, she is. do i mean the car or my (considerably) better half by that statement? to be safe and transparent, neither, yet both.

moving on, and it seems, going on the promotional poster placed - strategically, no doubt - on a disused store of some ill repair, that Mr Snoop Dogg is playing one of them "gig" things in Middlesbrough. this all happens next Monday, no less.

no, i am not going to it. it will all be happening far too late and no doubt be far too loud for a gent of my age, but thank you for asking. well, it might not be that loud, he may well just stand and smoke one of them special cigarettes of his, the ones that he no doubt grows himself in some sort of hydroponic (or whatever it is) way. that would be just as smart to see as one of his gigs where he does all the music and that, i suppose. if he could be persuaded to do both, well, what can i say, so much the better for all of "the kids" who are "down" at this "gig".

moving on, then, and a bit of a history lesson, possibly directed at the "kids" mentioned about that splendid Snoop gig. so not really moving on, i suppose.

there was a time, believe it or not, that happened before someone decided to weld a camera and a phone together to see what happened. yes, i know, you are panic stricken, for surely that means there was no such thing as a selfie possible.

actually there was. behold, if you will, a vintage selfie machine.

now granted, yes, it was lacking the ability to distribute your selfie to the entire world within but a moment of it being taken, but it served our purposes very well indeed. quite splendid to still see them on the go, presumably for passport purposes. and, of course, for Superman to get changed in.

also i went shopping today. i bought something that was shiny and, indeed, non-shiny.

no, something other than the pipe or whatever it is for the car bit that the mender said was all knacked and needed replacing.

what did i get? well, i will show you in a bit, but for now here is a screen of my order "in progress", according to the TV display.

yep, went to that Argos place. which i am not sure is all that Greek, but then again i am not convinced that Argos is a Greek word. the Greeks are well known for simply claiming a few things are their invention when they are clearly not, like, for instance, water. however, playing along and allowing them to get on with credit for something that does not matter makes for an easier life.

the Argos now is a lot better than the one that was in Middlesbrough 20 or so years ago. the one back then, right, was staffed with rather angry people, ones that didn't like you going into the store and made it clear that they were doing you an incredible favour by letting you give them money for whatever it was you wished to buy off of them. this one is much nicer, friendly and polite staff. nice one.

what did i buy? just now. first, i thought you might like to see one of them video things.

it was the rickety, noisy, vibrating bus on duty this afternoon, dear reader. makes reading very tricky, it does, but i plugged away at it.

i thought for some reason you might want to see a video of me holding the book under those circumstance.

i trust that provided all of you vibrating book enthusiasts with a great deal of joy, entertainment and fun!

yes, yes, getting to the thing that i bought just now, but simply could not post this one.

a rather cheeky, fun response from him that is making that new Star Wars film, this is, look you see.

they have been making it for about a month now, so of course some people are getting pictures and putting them all over this internets place. one of the recent pictures seemed to suggest the Falcon was being rebuilt to feature in it.

yes, if you need the picture explaining in connection with the Falcon, i can only assume that you have not seen the first Star Wars movie, then, or have forgotten one or two elements of it.

am i looking forward to this new Star Wars film business? partially, yes. it should be smart and that, all them fancy light up swords and what have you on the go. it makes me sad, however, to see that so far there is no mention of Shatner being in it, as he was one of the best elements of the original film, and indeed TV series. oh well, perhaps he will make one of them surprise appearances, along with Starbuck and Apollo.

i did indeed start having a read of that Uncanny Tales comic last night. about 3 or 4 stories in, very good. i suspect i shall obtain further editions.

oh yeah, right, what i bought earlier.

one of them cheap and cheerful mp3 players to have a listen to as i walk around, ride on the bus, all that sort of thing. i really have no wish to mooch around with the iTwat, so this, at some considerable distance beneath twenty notes, seemed like a reasonable selection. especially as Bessie was not all that much to fix up and make nice.

it is nice to see that the Bush family have branched into cheap audio equipment. much better than doing all them wars and things, i think.

how does this vibes machine work? well, that would rob me of the chance of material for another blog post, would it not? so far so good, but info in more detail later.

right, let me see if it is all charged up and ready to play the vibes tomorrow!

if you are wandering, happy wandering!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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