Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Three Inches Of Prince

Hi there

a while ago, well a few days, i posted something about the class and magic that was the 3" sized mini CD single. in that post i mentioned i had a few, and that one of them was the celebrated Batdance by the celebrated Prince. wouldn't you know i found it as i was sort through stuff.

whilst that ebay thing suggests it is not really rare or all that valuable, i thought it worth showing off here for anyone interested. and everyone should have an interest in Prince.

i am not quite sure how exactly i ended up keeping the WEA / Warner plastic sleeve it was displayed in, but there you go! it means that the single is in reasonably good condition, bar a little touch of dust on the back as you will see just now.

is this worth owning? well, yes, i guess. i think the mix of Batdance here is slightly different from the usual versions, and 200 Balloons didn't make it on to the Batman soundtrack album. although it is on the 3 CD The Hits / The B-Sides set, whereas Batdance itself does not due to some sort of legal wranglings at the time.

also it has the Batman logo on it, and the name of Prince, so it is quite class and worth owning anyway.

now that i think i probably should have given the disc a spin, or "ripped" it to the iTwat, before i repacked it. whoops.

moving, arguably, to the other end of the talent spectrum from where Prince does his thing, i found a stack of Oasis single too. two of them were, i thought, worth throwing pictures up here of.

the one on the left, or right depending on how you are looking at it, is the Australia-only single of Morning Glory. as you can sort of see in the below pic, the b-sides are those that graced Roll With It, so i assume that the Aussies didn't get Roll With It as a single, or that they did and for some reason Australians really, really like getting the same b-sides again and again.

on the right/left there's There And Then, a CD single that, if i recall right, came free with some sort of video. probably an Oasis video. of the three tracks on it, the last, Champange Supernova, features a certain John Squire as a guest guitarist. the crowd start booing him from the instant he appears on stage, it sounds like. at one point Noel seems to say "go on, it's OK to boo him, he's a Man United fan".

as the booing starts well before Noel says that, i have always suspected that it was down to him not so much being a Man United man, rather more to do with him having recently split up The Stone Roses via a lawyer's letter. hey ho.

right, let me seek other interesting, shiny things to post here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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