Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Barbs and the postal system

hi there

at the risk of sounding populist, it seems that my last train adventure did not get as much interest as the previous ones. i kind of see this as perhaps an indication that i should stop reporting on train journeys.

ha ha, not really, will do soon. however, in the mean time, i notice that any time i combine the postal system and Barbara Streisand it seems quite popular. far be it from me, then, to stop writing on this subject.

you may recall from an earlier post that i struggled to find a suitable picture of Barbs to put on envelopes, and went instead with an image of The King, Elvis Presley, instead. i am delighted to report that a decision to search again proved to be wise, as i found a most suitable .png file of Barbs to use.

no, sorry, i cannot include the actual file here. Barbs as many of you are aware gets rather tetchy about the internet, and sites which run images that are not approved get into an awful lot of trouble. this image of the image of Barbs on the envelope is as about as close to the winds of Barbs' anger that i am prepared to sail, thank you.

does adding pictures of Barbs to envelopes make the postal system any better? well, it almost certainly, surely, cannot make it any worse is my view on the subject. as the letter travels around the world, various postal staff may notice it and go "oh look, a picture of Barbs". their day may well be made better as a consequence, depending on what they think of Barbs.

in regards of the envelope featuring The King, Elvis Presley, i cannot tell you if that has landed at the intended recipient as of yet as such. perhaps it has not, or maybe it has, but i have not been advised for quite possibly political reasons if not social ones.

but since Barbs has been mentioned, what progress of the letter i sent to her, or rather in all likelihood some of her people?

well, on the tracking system here it's hit a bit of a dead end, as you can see.

happily, though, the US Postal System appears keen to agree that tracking an item which is registered is a very, very good idea indeed. even if it is from one of those countries that is not America. this puts them one, possibly two, up on the UK Royal Mail, who do not recognize that mail or post exists anywhere outisde of the UK.

anyway, here's what the US Postal System has to say about the letter to Barbs.

blimey, i think that's quite exciting. note i said think, as post office speak is a language somewhat beyond my basic skills. i am pretty sure that means the letter is well on the way to New York for one of Barbs' people to take delivery on, but it could also mean that it has indeed been delivered.

it is a great shame that the UK postal system does not track and trace international mail, either going in to the UK or coming out of it. that is why, dear reader, amazon do not use tracking numbers on parcels.this is a great shame, as it would help stopping encourage certain thieving gypsy bastards from within the post offices of the world in stealing parcels which amazon has to replace. this, sadly, is looking like what has happened to my Made Of Stone set, but i will give it another week before i complain.

whether or not i hear back from Barbs is unknown, and to be honest irrelevant. someone out there in the world, presumably one of Barbs' people, will have read my note of thanks to her for all that she has done, whatever that is exactly, and so the letter has been a success.

in the mean time, another look at that Barbs beautified envelope for you.

more updates as and when i have any further information on any of the above!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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