Friday, November 22, 2013

Barbs - letter delivered

hello there

my apologies to enthusiasts of the concept in this particular post for the delay in some rather spectacular news. well, maybe not as spectacular as it could be, but rather impressive all the same.

behold, for the United States Postal System (or whatever USPS stands for, although i will wager a shiny coin that the US bit is right) have delivered the celebratory thank you letter to Barbs. 10 days ago, as point of fact.

is it just me, or are they particularly proud of delivering it? i mean, just observe all the ticks and the bright, bold way they state delivered. it is always good to see that at least some postal services around the world take pride in what they do.

i must say this registered mail business is worth every penny, seeing as it allows one to see things like this on their computer. what a shame that Royal Mail in the UK do not have a "reciprocol" tracking thing with the rest of the world. that's why the likes of amazon (well, only amazon now) don't send parcels with tracking stuff on overseas; Royal Mail is having none of it. a pity, it would cut down on theft.

will Barbs respond? well, i give it 30 days, really. why? not telling. it would be asking quite a lot of the post office here to deliver mail in such a timeframe, but you never know.

all i can do, i guess, is hope that Barbs appreciated the gesture and accepted the thanks.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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