Friday, November 22, 2013


hi there

i suspect, and indeed you may feel like you know, that this blog is running into the world of the dull and banal. yet again, you see, this post is about stuff / sh!t i have found in boxes that certainly interests me and i am presuming to assume might be of passing interest to one or two enthusiasts of the web. sorry, really. interesting things may one day return here.

here we go, then, with a few random items found on my travels through boxes of late. starting with something amazing, to borrow one of the song titles, and speaking for myself alone, just in case you disagree with the class ways of the band.

yes, as well as the infamous t-shirts (search away if you like, i think they are in a blogpost called "keepers" or similar), i did indeed keep my Tin Machine concert ticket. and kept it well, since it's in that frame.

i do wonder if keeping hold of stuff like this makes me a "bad" hoarder. i'd like to think not, but maybe. i tend to keep things that have either a practical or sentimental value, but would accept the sentimental value i have for some things seems extensive if not extravagant.

anyway, out there in the world are many people who never got to see Bowie, since it seems he will not take to the stage again. it would be disrespectful to them, and to my own memories, if i was just casual about seeing one of the greatest artists of all time.

as for a band i never got to see (no way was i old enough for the Licenced To Ill tour) and indeed a song which featured here recently......

some of you may recall in a post about tapes / cassette singles / cassingles that i did where i mentioned the tape of Intergalactic was a better deal that the CD single. just in case you think this was in some way dishonest or incorrect, have a look at the tracklisting.

two tracks, the album version of the song and whatever Hail Sagan is or was.

whatever folly there is with regards to this CD single, never let it be forgotten just how amazing the video for Intergalactic was and indeed remains to this day. i have been known to stop conversations and dinner parties to watch it, but that story, well, another time another place.

and here's two random items, which i will take guesses at the origins or purpose of.

i think the key ring stems from my time working in the wonders of a video store. the key itself might be the key to my first car, the street machine, the pretender to the throne of the king of the road, a Ford Escort. yes, a cream one.

that one got written off when some dickhead old fart decided that as he had a BMW (or possibly Merc) he did not need to stop at Stop Signs (see twats of the road for how it works here) and thus twatted right into me. everyone - me and his passengers that is - was injured to various degrees, the prick driving was of course fine.

which leads us to the old joke - what's the difference between a BMW/Merc and a hedgehog? on a hedgehog the pricks are on the outside.

anyway, as for the Che necklace/pendant, i suspect a gift from my sister. i was quite a student of Che, and people used to buy me stuff with him on at a time when it was not so easy to buy. now of course this famous image of him is plastered everywhere. i do wonder if the majority of people displaying images of him know exactly who he was, but not my concern i guess.

ah, since we are at the weekend of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, i found another of them tape things that i got to listen to in the car or on planes.

quite good, that one is. looks in working order, which may interest a few friends of mine who are more fanatical about all things Doctor Who than i am. as in i really like the series, but i wouldn't consider myself a collector of stuff related to it, so no doubt i will find a proper home for it.

lastly, i found some negatives for some pictures i was looking for, but not the pictures. i thought that scanners and that today were supposed to be clever and could convert the negatives into pictures for you.

no they cannot, it seems.

i have recently dropped the negatives off at a professional to see if they can produce images from them. oddly, not the above negatives though, as they were not the pictures i wanted, but as i had twatted about with them on the scanner i thought i would use that here.

when the proper picture mender has done his thing i shall no doubt share the developed images here. Manics fans might quite like what they see when that day dawns, probably next week.

righty-ho, back to boxes for me, then. watch me find the pictures that i sought but only found the negatives for just now. hey ho, why have one when you can have two.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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