Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the hardest thing in the world

hi there

oh dear. it seems that highly efficient, honest and brilliant organization - and please note i did not call them lazy, incompetent, thieving gypsy bastards, in particular the ones at the mail sorting centre - have had tough times befall them again.

i am not sure if it's another strike, another round of "go slow" protests or just the general standards being maintained, but post is once again suffering huge delays here. it's hard to determine what the cause is, in particular as sometimes it's one mega-combination.

no matter, a parcel arrived for me today, at the least.

this was a parcel which had an estimated delivery date of 14 days ago, or so i thought. what did i think this parcel was? what do you think i thought it was? yes, i was wildly optimistic that this would be, at last, my copy of Made Of Stone, the film about The Stone Roses and Heaton Park.

getting quite excited about seeing it, i did what you would expect me to do, which is get the iTwat ready to take pictures of it in the glory of Commodore 64 mode.

so was it Made Of Stone? alas, no. it was an entirely different disc, one ordered and shipped some time after the one featuring The Stone Roses.

this, to be precise.

that's the latest of the most excellent Lego Star Wars mini-films. actually, it's the latest two, forming a two part story under the general title of the "Yoda Chronicles".

not The Stone Roses, then.

i suppose i should say i am glad that at least this one has turned up, in particular with regards to how much the boys loved it when they caught it by accident on TV, but that's wrong. i should not be glad, or relieved, when things arrive in the post - they are f*****g supposed to. unfortunately the widespread mentality here, way beyond just the post office, is that whenever someone condescends to do something for which they are paid to do they are in fact doing you a massive favour and you should be grateful. f*** that.

hey ho. what does not help, of course is that Royal Mail do not do tracking, either inwards or outwards, for international items. this is annoying, and probably the case either due to "system incompatibility" or just them wanting to force people to use their expensive courier service.

as for this disc, well it has already been played once, and enjoyed. for me it's not quite as good as the first, The Padawan Menace, and nowhere near as good as the second, the brilliant The Empire Strikes Out. that's no doubt why they opted to bundle the two of these together, i guess, to cut down on disappointment.

but don't get me wrong. it's still great fun.

i would rather not give too much away in regards of plot details here. any passing ultra-Star Wars loyalist would no doubt have a right hissy fit at the crossing of characters and times as presented in the Lego Star Wars universe, so they might well want to just give it a miss.

for everyone else, in particular those who want to have some fun and not worry so much if it's accurate or not in regards of a fictional universe, watch and enjoy!

with some luck, then, The Stone Roses will arrive later this week. if it does not, i fear i will have to tell amazon to send it again, and hopefully they will bill the arse off the post office for the cost of the replacement.

fingers crossed, i guess.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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