Thursday, November 07, 2013

postal goings

hi there

for those of you wondering why exactly my thoughts on the elaborate blu ray and DVD variants of the Made Of Stone film about The Stone Roses have not flooded this blog as yet, you may well direct that question to the bloody post office. i still await delivery of my copy.

despite their lack of enthusiasm for delivering mail to me, they seem quite prepared to still send things on my behalf, so another entirely random parcel was thrust into their most peculiar system by my reasonably good self earlier today.

behold, look at the magnificence of it.

yes. yellow. all of the purple paper was used on the previous parcel, you see, and it was yellow or brown that we had in the house since i forgot to buy further alternatives.

my vote was actually for brown, as it happens. i felt it would have given it that rustic, almost nostagic sense of a parcel one might send from 50s middle America to a friend or relative on either of the more celebrated coasts. a parcel that would contain bagels, or other such things that they made in middle America in the 50s. or perhaps they simply sent porn, since there was no internet then.

my (considerably) better half, however, insisted on yellow. this is something i did not really have much of a quarrel with, in particular as it would be she who was to wrap it.

oh yes, Commodore 64 camera action above and below for your viewing pleasure. i am thrilled that lots of you, well at least two, like this format as much as i do.

i suppose i could be accused of trying to beautify the business of the postal system one parcel at a time by using attractive colours for parcels. this is an accusation i would be delighted to wear as a badge of honour, should anyone care to throw that at me. if the post office staff of the world are so demotivated at the moment that they can't simply deliver the bloody parcel to me that i am waiting for and that i am paid to, maybe the use of "power colours" like yellow will pep them up a bit.

meanwhile, as promised, an update on my somewhat under-ambitious plan to offer thanks to Barbs for a variety of this, the details of which escape me but are probably all in this post right here and indeed several others of late, all since i got a bee in the bonnet about a 2 CD collection of hers.

oddly, i am giving her Christmas album a spin right now, since it's November. i must say her recording of Jingle Bells can only be described as "very William Shatner". 

anyway, here is the progress of the letter.

yes, that's right. levels of efficiency have reached a level that it now takes a mere 4 (four) days from it arriving at the sorting "hub" to ending up being sent off to where it needs to be. this level of astonishing brilliance probably explains where my parcel is. if they keep this up, no doubt soon they will, if you could please forgive the expression, really push the envelope and take their high performance up to some ten days or even more to sort and send mail.

one can only hope that the postal types do things a good deal quicker, otherwise Barbs or Barbs' people will only get it by Christmas. which will be class, i suppose. i wonder if Barbs listens to her own Christmas album at Christmas whilst she presumably isn't celebrating it?

more updates as and when i have them!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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