Thursday, November 07, 2013

that class Boba Fett gun thingie......

hi there

you may recall that a few posts ago i showed off a picture of a very class Boba Fett rifle type of gun sort of thing. i took a picture in the store, and commented that as class as it looked there was little point in me buying it, as it would be purchased to box up.

you might well be able to guess what happened next.

yep, purchased. why? because it turned out that it was not at all silly to do so, strangely. a good friend alerted me to the fact that the price on the shelf here was half that at which it was being charged in the rest of the world. so, with my penchant for purchasing things that feature Boba Fett, it turned out that it was rather wise to go ahead and buy it now, rather than pay double later.

yes, that's right, the pictures here are presented in the magic of Commodore 64 camera mode, with the scan lines most certainly on. Boba Fett, given a choice, would probably want it this way.

as i have said before, that he is a fairly minor character does not matter - the fans of Star Wars love Boba Fett. he's just cool, that's it. why exactly the Star Wars owners do not slam Boba on everything they can is beyond me, really.

other than sort of looking like the rifle-ish gun like thing that Boba wielded about in The Empire Strikes Back, does it by any chance do anything else? why yes it does, since you ask.

it does not fire anything. a bit of a touchy point, that is, as fans of the Star Wars toys will be aware one of the reasons you can't find an action figure of him with ease was that the first batch were withdrawn due to concerns over children eating the missile that fired out of his backpack.

this does, however, make class Boba Fett rifle type noises when you pull the trigger. hopefully how awesome this is will be something you hear in this short video.

who could resist that?

i suppose now that i have this i might aswell at some point get the entire Boba Fett outfit too. not sure where i will get it from, but i will have a look around!

and so with that, probably into a box this will now go. oh well, one day soon - maybe even by my next birthday, i suppose, it will be taken out, and i will be able to play with it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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