Tuesday, November 05, 2013


hi there

during the course of my travels yesterday i was, and i think this is the right word, thrilled to see the below. it served as a vindication of an idea that i have had for quite some time now, an idea that i remain amazed has not been pursued by the relevant parties and one that i have no doubt will at some point become a real thing.

no, not the dude selling feather dusters. that would relate to another class idea i have, but not one that would be suitable to discuss here. the other dude, the one in the t-shirt.

that says "finisher" on it, as the bigger image below will reveal to you. i imagine or assume, indeed presume if you like, that it relates to some sort of race. possibly one of them marathon things, like my mate Norman Bastard has just done in that New York place.

some may pour scorn on the idea of acknowledging just finishing a race, but i am not one of the some, to be honest. my view is this idea of celebrating what you have achieved, rather than wondering what you could have done, is the way to go in order to make the world an ace place. yes, of course, celebrate the winners, but celebrate everyone.

the idea i had, or have, relates to football clubs and their involvement in the beast that is the Champions League. for some reason being involved in this has become the be all and end all for some clubs, which is fine. quite a few clubs make it in, some of which are small and historically insignificant, even if they fluke a win or something. as such clubs like to sell as many different shirts as possible to fans, particularly for some reason those based in South Korea, they should release shirts that commemorate their mere presence in this once prestigious tournament.

made it in to the Champions League but didn't do very well? actually, you did, just by being there. so why not release a series of shirts with a badge or something that reads "Champions League Participant" on it? even the bigger, more established clubs could benefit from this, since their plans to progress in the tournament do not always work out so well.

with the sham that is Financial Fair Play about to come in, clubs are going to need to have the pretence of bringing extra revenue in, in particular to fund class signings like trophyless Welsh players and South Americans of a proclivity not to pursue tax compliance. don't be shocked, then, if similar shirts start going on sale as soon as sides are eliminated within the next season or two.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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