Monday, November 04, 2013

Osama : victory from beyond the grave/sea

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going on your travels by air these days is a bit more complex than it was before certain airline based attacks on New York. it can be easy, though, if you just follow the rules and regulations in place.

Richard Dawkins, being a clever academic that a large number of people follow around like sheep to his shepherd, recently decided that he was above such rules and regulations. he was, damn it all, going to take his jar of honey on the plane with him.

it did not work out quite as well as he had hoped, and the honey was confiscated. this led to some perfectly reasonable and understandable comments about it all over on that twitter thing.

for more on it, and indeed the class responses he is getting you can check out the story here.

it's quite nice to see that a number of his followers are thinking for themselves in response to him. nice and unsual, as the many followers of the Church of Dawkins seem to assume they are just to quote exactly what he says on God, religion and such matters.

picture by Shane Pope from flickr

perhaps i have misjudged the chap, really. on the basis of the people who seem quite excited by his works, i have just dismissed him as a silly man who would really rather have the masses worship him and his enlightenment rather than any deity the churches of the world offered. my view has just been believe in what you believe makes you a better person.

to come to the conclusion, though, that the "war on terror" has been lost due to some honey being taken off of him, and that the American dream of freedom around the world is at an end due to it, is sheer genius. i am not sure anyone else on the planet, or indeed in the heavens, would be able to come up with such a perfectly logical and rational response.

i expect his many followers will be heading to airports, armed with jars of honey, to try and fight back against this victory for the axis of evil.

just dig what you dig, man, and worry about yourself, not everyone else.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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