Saturday, November 02, 2013

t-shirts and sex bags

hey there

a little while ago you may recall i went through my not exactly extensive wardrobe and found some rather smart t-shirts. as i have since had reason to do a similar, but much more involved, excercise on the uber-extensive wardrobe of my (considerably) better half i thought some of you may have an interest in some of the t-shirts i found.

when i say uber-extensive, i mean i have been boxing up the ones that she no longer wishes to own.

yes, that's 7 boxes full of clothes. it was quite good fun doing it really, i had some Paul Rutherford and Sigue Sigue Sputnink on the go on the iTwat as i did it.

how fortunate that the number 7 should crop up, for that is the number of almost identical t-shirts that my (considerably) better half has of a certain design. well, 6 are identical, 1 is slightly different, as you can see.

yep, a celebration of Dracula, in regards of both the Francis Ford Coppola movie and indeed the superb Dracula Experience exhibition in Whitby.

most films, including sadly the Francis Ford Coppola one, tend to skip the fact that in the novel Dracula landed at Whitby. local legend has it that he is buried there.

is it worth going to Whitby for the Dracula stuff? well, no matter where you are in the world, Whitby is well worth going to, if we are honest. it's magnificent. for any true Dracula fan, though, it is a must see place to visit. in particular, of course, when the Goth festival is on.

moving on from Dracula, and two bands that i really rather like but probably would never have even heard if it were not for my (considerably) better half playing them for me. and, indeed wanting to go and see them live, which is where these two tour t-shirts come from.

Live are a band in particular who i believe do not get as much credit as they should. they really are brilliant, if now sort of a thing of the past. the singer, Ed something, has gone off on his own and released two superb solo albums, whilst the rest of the band continue with the name.

as for Evanescence, well, wow, that Amy lass has some voice on her. and the music is superb, too. i think they split not long after the gig we saw, but happily got back together in the last year or so.

speaking of gigs we went to.......

that's the tour t-shirt for Ian Brown from his support slot for the Manics when they went off on a Greatest Hits adventure. December 2002, and we were there in Newcastle to see them.

it was ace to see him live and he did a class run through the best of his solo stuff until that point. did he do any Stone Roses songs? no, not as such, but we went in as soon as the doors opened, and so we got to hear, sadly not see, the sounds of Ian doing Waterfall as a soundcheck. we were of course fortunate to be there at Heaton Park some 10 years after this gig to see Ian very much do Waterfall.

i did mention that he supported the Manics when we saw him, yeah?

three of the above are from that gig, with the Know Your Enemy tour shirt bought at a lovely store in Whitby. the kind of store a music fan could stay in forever, and the sort of thing you'd love to run as a business for the rest of your days. that cool.

getting to see Ian Brown and then the Manics on the same night was, of course, amazing for us. a strange bill, though - whilst Ian and the Manics are what one would call friends, their fan bases rarely overlap. i think we were amongst the very few delighted to be seeing both.

whoops, i forgot to include the class Manics belt my (considerably) better half got at the same time. here it is, then, with an ace dragon t-shirt that, if memory serves, she picked up in York.

and for the next picture blogger has done that thing where it decides to rotate the picture around to what it thinks it should look like. that is quite a limited amount of respect for Nirvana that blogger has, then.

Nirvana were an OK band, i suppose. i never had the obsession or high regard for them that many did, but i certainly appreciated the music. the frustrating thing was that the last song, You Know You're Right, hinted at them being just about ready to take their sound to the big league and become as big as either U2 or REM were at the time.

as for a band i very much do appreciate but one that has never had as much credit as they deserve by the music world would be Primal Scream. here are two t-shirts that i picked up super cheap, i think possibly as low down as 99p each for some reason.

yes, that is indeed some sort of Japanese lesbian image on the shirt in celebration of the fantastic Evil Heat album. why would they do that? have you even heard of Bobby Gillespie?

i don't think at any point i was ever brave to wear either of these out in the world, which is probably why they came to end up being stored in the cupboard of my (considerably) better half.

speaking of Bobby Gillespie and all things Japanese lesbian, i did promise sex bags in the title of this post and i do hereby deliver them.

quite, erm, saucy or risque these, are they? they are some sort of handbag as far as i am aware, but that's about the end of my knowledge of them. i suspect they were a gift from someone or other, but the details of them escape me.

i am sure there are people that are interested in this sort of thing, so here you go with another look. and yes, that is indeed the mythical Barbs bedding that they and everything else has rested upon as the camera did its thing. with a dying battery.

on to some film related t-shirts for you, or a return to them if you like, depending on how you interpreted the Dracula ones. 

i can't say i am the biggest fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but i can indeed tell you and confirm that the formidable Jurassic Park one is mine. yes indeed, quite a few of my t-shirts have somehow ended up in the extensive wardrobes of my (considerably) better half, something that had nothing to do with me and was probably related to some hasty, forgetful packing away she did at some point.

for those of you blessed with an exceptionally good taste in music, and i hope that is everyone in the world, you will not really need me to tell you which album, or if you like amazing work of art, this t-shirt is a celebration of.

indeed that is the back of a t-shirt for Tommy by The Who, specifically the stage production of this magnificent thing. i, sadly, never got to see this production myself - i believe Mum & Gillian went, and brought this, as well as a mug, back for me.

their review, if i recall, was that it was sheer brilliance, but if you are very familiar with the album (and bizarre film version) then the whole thing tended to fly through time. who knows, perhaps there will be a revival of it one day and i will be lucky enough to see it. i can't say it as fact, but i am pretty sure no less than Kim Wilde played the pivotal role of Tommy's mother at some point of its run.

and finally, well well well, just have a look at what i found earlier today, tucked away in the wardrobe of my (considerably) better half.

yes, my Waterfall t-shirt. the one that i was quite baffled as to not being able to find as i went though my wardrobe and found all my other Stone Roses t-shirts. the one i always wanted and never got was the Fools Gold one. i am not sure if they still even make them these days, and i suspect it is possible that they don't make them in my size anyway.

and that's that of any interest, or at least what i could take of shirts of interest before the batteries in the camera said "look chap, these are cool,, but i am drained, no more". the camera didn't say that, it just sort of stopped working. but you know what i mean.

i can only hope these images have been of interest to one or two reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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