Saturday, February 16, 2013

Old Grumpy's in February

hi there

many thanks to Mum & Dad for sending on some pictures of what's going on at Old Grumpy's Gallery at the moment. as usual, you can connect on a social (or professional i suppose) level with the Gallery by following this link to their page on the more famous of social networks. not sure when they will have a twitter account open as such, but you never know.

it looks like the Gallery has had a subtle change about in layout. i am not as good with colours as i could be and thus am not wise to the ways of artistic changes as i could be, but i do know that it looks good! 

it looks like Dad is busy running one of his off the beaten track promotions inside the store, too. seems to be quite a sensational prize one can claim!

the phenomenon known as Murphy's Law is often called something else, starting with the letter S, that i am pretty sure my Dad wanted to call it. presumably Mum stepped in and stopped that one!

Old Grumpy's is proving to be a very popular place with both locals and visitors to the area, which is exceptionally good news to hear, and great to see!

now then. whilst i said, and stand by, that there are certain current events i am not going to post much of anything about, it's understandable that my Dad having what he has so far away from the story would put it on display for those rather curious.

i don't think my Mum and Dad particularly liked the film Blade Runner as much as i do, but it's nice to see them using the name of the film in the other way it has come to be used. well, he has rather gone from famous to infamous in the last couple of days, so a subtle display like this is bound to be of interest.

moving on amd something in the next picture caught my eye!

on display there, if i am not mistaken, are baseball caps showing off the "Old Grumpy's" logo! now normally i wouldn't wear a baseball cap, preferring instead my ace Reni hat, but i do wear them from time to time. the class Mercedes one Grant sent me springs to mind, for a start.

i know full well what the answer will be if i ask for one of these class caps, so instead i will just leave it until such time as the Old Grumpy's online business is up and running and order one then!

many thanks again for the pictures! glad to see and hear all is going well and that you're having fun!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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