Sunday, February 17, 2013

messing about with a new camera

hey there

well, this post pretty much does what it says on the box. thanks to a deal that was so good as to be ludicrous i am now the owner of a shiny-ish new camera. well, that and an utter beast of a new printer.our existing camera (the "proper" one and not the rubbish blueberry thing that crops up on here from time to time) is about ten years old. so i suppose it was due a replacement.

what better subject could i possibly have or ask for to try out the new camera with than the boys messing around in the garden? exactly, so on that note, here's William hiding amongst the palm tree leaves!

i perhaps need to take Mr Saw to the palm trees again, looking at that. the branches are hanging down rather low!

this new camera has 16 of something called "megapixels" in it. by comparison our existing camera only had 5.1 of these "megapixels" in so i am assuming that the new one is better in that regard. well, maybe not. perhaps megapixels, whatever they are, are actually quite bad for a camera and thus the challenge is to get one with less in. the only scientific measurement thingies i am well versed in are midichlorians and flux capacitors. not that it matters all that much, i suppose - i reduce the size, and presumably quality with it, of all pictures i put up here to allow for faster loading of this site for you, dear reader. no thanks required.

moving on, and it was time to give this new camera (a Canon something or other, i am sure the word "power" is in the name) a run at some 'action shots'. James was only too happy to oblige and promptly went mental on the swing.

a few shots were blurry, to say the least, but i think this one came out rather well!

and speaking of action shots, here's one of the boys together.

the above is pretty much what living with and looking after the two of them is about all day, every day. they surprisingly don't do that much damage to each other, and there's not nearly as much picking on each other as you might have thought. it's more "rough play", especially when they are clattering each other with lightsabres!

with some good fortune pictures taken with the ace new camera shall feature on here going forward. every now and then, though, all i have on me is my blueberry so don't expect this quality all the time!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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