Friday, February 08, 2013

thinking of using OREX, Overnight Road Express?

hi there

one of the biggest issues i have had living here is a lack of footpaths, walkways and pavements. it seems that most of the areas down here, or at least the places i go, were built with the idea that everyone will drive everywhere. you could, of course, argue that it's an apartheid thing, where the previous system here just assumed all white people would be wealthy enough and wish to drive everywhere, and they of course cared not for the non-white population. if that's the case, well, it is not like the post-apartheid government has ever done anything about it.

for whatever reason it is that they did not and do not have much in the way of places for pedestrians to walk carefully, it has obviously, perhaps understandably, caused some confusion for some of the people born and raised here. this would seem to be particularly true of the staff of someone called OREX, which stands for Overnight Road Express, and clicking on that will take you to their most fascinating website.

well, i say fascinating, but it is not as informative as it could be. it does not, for instance, explain why their drivers believe footpaths are "emergency roads" to be used in the case of standstill traffic.

yes, you are seeing what you think you are seeing. the apparently highly skilled individual driving this, apparently not concerned that his company name and contact details are all over the truck, swerved out of the lane we were in, across traffic and decided to drive up a pathway. did i mention their website? here it is again, i see they have a contact us section, feel free to send them the link to this.

oh, and just in case you suspect i might be making up a story, as in perhaps the truck was just parked, the answer is no - here it is a little bit further up the road, presumably bringing some fear into the lives of those driving cars coming from the other side.

i know it is not exactly brilliant me taking pictures in a car, but i assure you i took these whilst stood still in the traffic that OREX believes it does not belong in.

all good things, alas, come to and end eventually, and indeed eventually the OREX truck simply ran out of footpath to drive on. time for him to randomly try and swerve back into the lane the truck was supposed to be in, then. look how close he comes to side-swiping the blue car that was foolish enough to be driving legally on the road near him.

on their website, and here's the link again, they speak of how "Orex now offers a variety of services and service levels to suit any clients needs and budget". it doesn't seem to go in to the specifics of how they will recklessly endanger the lives of other road users, and indeed risk great damage to the items you are using them to deliver, for the sake of sitting in traffic for a couple of minutes. i am assuming it is a niche market that looks for that kind of service.

from my side, many thanks indeed to OREX for letting me know who to never, ever use for any sort of courier or delivery service. in the interests of fairness, of course, i have given you their contact details should the service they provide be exactly what you are looking for. good luck with that if it applies to you.

hopefully your travels today were less interesting than mine!

UPDATE : apology sent from OREX to me. you can read it by clicking here or just carry on browsing my blog.

be excellent to each other!!!!! and do try to stick to at least the basic rules of the road!
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