Thursday, February 14, 2013

creative card creation

hi there

well, far be it from me to point out that today is Valentines Day, or Hallmark Day as my good friend Jonathan Granville calls it. a big part of this day is, of course, exchanging cards. in days gone past it was fun to send anonymous ones, but when one is in a relationship you kind of (hopefully) know who has sent the card to you. or, maybe, not.

my considerably better half and i have a sort of informal, formal, unwritten, unspoken, never really quite agreed on arrangement whereby we do or do not buy each other cards. it is as pretty much a straightforward arrangement as that sounds. anyway, this year i thought that we were not doing the card thing, leaving the fields fallow and all that. well, as it turns out, a card was bought for me, so i felt an obligation to get one in return.

the trick was that i discovered this at around 9pm on, erm, Valentines Eve. not really much of a margin to go and buy one, then. i had little choice but to make one. make one i did, then, and what can i say but ta-daaaah!

pretty bloody amazing, isn't it? i am thrilled that i was almost able to match the font on the card when i wrote Valentine on it. 

i would admit, if i had to, that yes the feathers on the arse end of the arrow through the heart are not as good as i would have liked, but the surface of the card was all shiny and the pen i used kept on smudging.

the stickers were a well planned, specifically designed last minute after thought. i was particularly pleased with the one of the kid out of Peanuts that isn't Charlie Brown, Snoopy or that one that plays the piano (Litmus or something)  with some very Valentine-esque lovehearts. the best, of course, has to be the Star Wars ones. nothing screams the love of Valentine like an AT-AT and an image of a planet, probably Alderaan, blowing up.

erm, yes, that is an image of screwdrivers, spanner things, a hammer and some things that you twat in with a hammer and spanner things on the card. i think i intended at some stage to fob this card off on Dad or Richard, so apologies in advance to the two of you.

the outside, if nothing else, hides the masterpiece that i created within the card.

yes, that's another of them Peanuts stickers, with Charlie Brown and that other one i do not know the name of.  it looks Valentines-ish, and if that one that i do not know the name of happens to be a girl, well, so much the better.

certainly showing off Valentine-esque stuff is the other sticker, featuring Ariel and him off The Little Mermaid. i have not seen the film so i am not sure if that's a romantic scene or not but it probably is.

and if you think that the above show off all there is to show of the card you are wrong. wrong, do you hear me. the back was, ignoring the bar code and that, a bit of a blank canvas. time for some more romance Star Wars style, then. 

now fair enough, some of you might not consider Jabba The Hutt enslaving Leia as one of the romantic corners of the Star Wars universe, but it was the best i could do. what i wanted was a sticker of that bit when Han says "i know" to Leia just before he gets frozen off Boba Fett, or perhaps even that bit when Wicket expects some sexual favours from Leia after she gives tacit consent to such things, in Ewok terms, by offering him a biscuit. i could not, alas, find any stickers of those bits.

looking at what i constructed, i feel nothing but pride. the most important thing is my considerably better half loves it.

i hope that your Valentines Day was all that you wanted it to be!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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