Friday, February 01, 2013

the nicolas cage superman - good or bad?

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well, after a sparse level of updates in January, February is off to a flyer from me, isn't it?

up front, let me make it absolutely clear that, like everyone else at the moment, i have no (as in zero) idea if these pictures are legitimate or not. they are pretty cool, either way!

in the mid-90s, keen to cash in on the success of what he did with Batman at the box office, Warner Bros threw many millions of dollars (as in at least 30) at Tim Burton to see if he might be able to come up with a box office busting revamp of Superman. various rumours and bits of info have leaked out over the years as to how the film might have gone, with one of the confirmed things being that Nicolas Cage, Mr Sailor Ripley himself, was to play the last son of Krypton. no one had any idea at all how he would have looked in the part of Superman, though. well, until now.

these pictures have surfaced on one of them twitter account things, which suggests that there is perhaps more to this twitter lark than gaining an understanding of as and when Stephen Fry has a cup of tea.

as i have shown over the years in this blog, frequently calling real pictures out as fake and suggesting fake ones look real, i am no expert when it comes to identifying if a picture is legit or has had some digital dickery done to it. these certainly look like they are the real deal to me, but if they are exposed as fakes at some point after i write this, well then bravo to whoever faked them!

two pictures cannot really tell you much of how a film would have panned out, but i have to say that the ever popular Nic at least really looks the part in these pictures. whether it would have been better or worse than the exceptionally at best average Superman Returns is of course open to debate. coming on the back of Batman and Batman Returns, however, you can be pretty sure that the critics at the time would have derided the film, no matter how it actually turned out, as "Tim Burton lazily doing a colour by numbers rehash of what he did with Batman", for that is how critics work.

with Man Of Steel due for release this year, one suspects that Warner Bros, who are very much fan friendly, just might have "accidentally" released these images to give some interest and excitement to the fans, rather like the "accidental" release of images of Tom Hardy as Mad Max not so long ago. if that's the case, nice one and thanks!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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