Monday, February 25, 2013

tattoo you, R2

hi there

i have no particular feelings on the subject of tattoos. that is i really don't have anything against them at all, but also have not really ever had much of an inclination to go ahead and get one myself. the one and only tattoo i have ever given thought to is getting the Frankie Goes To Hollywood logo done on my arm, as displayed by Paul Rutherford on the inner sleeve of the Welcome To The Pleasuredome album. as i have been umming and aaahing about that for, oh, 29 or so years now, i wouldn't expect to find me showing it off here any time soon.

in more recent times, i have considered getting the following done, probably also on my arm :

1 JULY 2012

but up to now i have not even bothered to investigate how much something like that would cost, let alone find out how much it would sting or absolutely knack. 

not wishing to have a tattoo does not, as indicated above, mean that i have all that much against them. i've seen a few around that are most impressive, as it happens. like this one here that caught my eye today.

quite impressive, isn't it? the image of Darth Vader looks class, if somewhat frustratingly cut off, and that rendering of R2-D2 on skin with ink is a first class job.

if i were to ever go the way of getting a Star Wars tattoo, i think one like that is the way i would go. well, i would probably want Boba Fett included, now that i think. i am not too sure, though, that it would look as good on me as it looks on this particular Star Wars fan.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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