Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trevor's gift

hi there

well, more birthday related posts for you!

a birthday is a time for gifts. whereas i was very fortunate to get a number of most excellent presents (more on that in another post), it is not always the case that most excellent presents have to be big and expensive shiny things. the very best gifts are often not.

a very good example of this would be the great pictures that my dear Uncle Trevor found and sent on to me yesterday! i've not seen these before that i recall, so i am guessing that he has only found wherever he had kept them safe recently!

here's a fantastic picture of me and the very much missed, dearly loved Grandad Stanley for a start!

what a fantastic picture, even allowing for the "what are you looking at" pose i seem to have on the go in it!

on that note, it seems rather straightforward as to what i am looking at in this next excellent picture, showing me with Grandma and Grandad!

the above was taken down near Low Green in Great Ayton, the place that i suppose shall always feel and seem like home for me. the next pictue, the last but certainly not the least of the ones Trev sent on, was also taken there.

behold, here i am looking rather small with my Mum & Dad!

quite smart pants my Dad has on there, both of them look like they should be on their way to a Stone Roses gig, or whatever the equivalent of The Stone Roses was 40 years ago. Mott The Hoople, probably, or possibly the Faces!

what brilliant pictures! thank you very much indeed once again Uncle Trevor, a great thing for me to get in my email!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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