Sunday, February 17, 2013

do not mess with The King

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18th February 2013 marks the 40th anniversary, or if you will "birthday" one of the most extraordinary things that i am aware of. it was an event that, perhaps surprisingly, isn't spoken of or as well known as it could be, and it's also something that, so far as i am aware, has only happened the once.

i speak of course of that astonishing event on 18 February 1973 when four people decided to get on stage and tackle The King, Elvis Presley at one of his celebrated Vegas shows.

 during the usual intermission in a show by The King, Elvis Presley, four men out of the crowd of about two thousand that were bearing witness to the greatest decided to get up on stage and approach The King, Elvis Presley. most unwise of them. other than the fact that most of the people who have ever lived on this planet would not think twice before laying down their life in order to protect The King, Elvis Presley, there's the small matter of The King, Elvis Presley being perhaps the greatest ever practicioner of martial arts.

this should come as no surprise, really - The King, Elvis Presley laid one single class karate chop on one of these idiots, instantly knocking him out and knocking him off the stage. the band took care of one of the others, and the other two tried to run away.

whilst there's an obvious and rare level of honour to having your f****** lights punched out by The King, Elvis Presley, neither He nor anyone else was impressed with the clowns. the four were arrested and spent the night locked up, but were not charged for The King, Elvis Presley did not press charges.

The King, Elvis Presley is a merciful King as well as being quite class at karate. it is of course the business of The King, Elvis Presley to pass comment and indeed judgement as and when He sees fit to do so, and he took measures to assure the rest of the rather more appreciative crowd that all was OK.

as he spoke :

"I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen. I'm sorry I didn't break his goddamn neck is what I'm sorry about."

another possible reason that  The King, Elvis Presley did not have charges brought against the stage invaders was that, in His infinite wisdom, He believed that they were assassins hired by the karate sensei that was dating Priscilla at the time. the reports are that He instructed his entourage to make sure that this person was "rubbed out". the entourage of The King, Elvis Presley as you would expect were prepared to follow any order that He had issued.

in His eternal wisdom, however, The King, Elvis Presley - in an incredible act of generosity that i trust the person in question spent the rest of his life on his knees giving thanks for - withdrew the instruction when his entourage reported back that the task would cost some $10,000. that is quite a bit of KFC and Cadillac money, especially in 1973 and in particular by the standards of The King, Elvis Presley.

thanks to the magic of bootlegs and the wonders of internet downloads, it is with some ease that you can obtain a recording of The King, Elvis Presley administering a sound beating to the stage invader. one of the recordings, I'll Whoop His Ass! is quite tinny (well, they did not have iTwat devices to record on back then), but you can hear the sounds of the crowd as they scream the name of The King, Elvis Presley in concern for his well-being, and hear a pretty good recording of His comments after the fact.

Kicking And Rolling, a recording that is of better quality than the one above (ahem, click here for details), is the one i suggest you go for. it has a bit more bass to the sound, and the sound of a lady saying "oh my gosh!" at the point where the four idiots try to get on the stage.

there's also that YouTube thing for those of you who can't or won't obtain a full recording of The King, Elvis Presley administering a great gig and administering a sound beating. clicking these words will take you to such an "upload", this one featuring the "oh my gosh!" lady.

those lucky people who were there 40 years ago, you have to say. not only did they get to see and hear The King, Elvis Presley deliver a usual top level performance, they also got to witness The King, Elvis Presley unleash his devastating and unequalled skills in the art of karate on someone.

i know a great many people will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of this peculiar event, and i am certain that i shall be one of them. there's one or two other things that i could celebrate the 40th anniversary of, but nothing that really features the same level of karate.

many thanks for reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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