Thursday, January 03, 2013

just what do the owls seem like?

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in early-to-mid 2011, a few people posted claims on the internet that they had seen Mani, Reni, John and Ian going into recording studios. the general reaction was "yeah, right" and no one believed the apparently random posts. as it turned out, those who claimed that they had seen The Stone Roses together for the first time in some 16 years spoke a truth.

with that in mind, it is interesting then that reports are one David Lynch has held at least one meeting with a view to relaunching what is, if not his finest work, then certainly could be considered his most famous, fondly remembered and widely know. i speak, of course, of this show.

as was the case with the report of The Stone Roses no one seems prepared to at this stage believe that NBC are going to allow Mr Lynch to restart the series. do i? not really at the moment, although yes i do. it was cancelled at the time due to dwindling viewing figures (after the world discovered who did indeed kill Laura Palmer, few were interested in sticking with the Windam Earle story), but for the last 20 years it has always been spoken of fondly and is very well remembered. i would suspect there is enough of a "nostalgia" market for this to return and be a success. who knows, it could mean that in 15 or so years we may at last get a return for FlashForward!

the remainder of this post has, on the basis of accepting the reports, a *** POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING *** well and truly in place.

here's the report that appeared online, giving all the details there are about this meeting between David Lynch and NBC.

i think if you click on the above it makes it a bit bigger and easier to read. note i said think, please, i am no expert in the ways of the internet and its clicks!

broadly, the idea is to pick up the show in "real time", which is 20 years after the series ended. the plot would see former Special Agent Dale Cooper in prison, having been convicted for killing two as yet unspecified members of the Twin Peaks community whilst under the posession of Killer Bob.

a female FBI agent will be investigating the events - please let her be called Diane! this move would allow David Lynch to get his wish, i suppose - bring back as much of the original cast as possible, but the nature of the new show allows for them to be only "fringe" characters, meaning not too much demand on the actors and actresses time.

if this all comes off well then so much the better, but at this stage i am not counting on it. one can only hope, though, and if any firmer news crops up - as in yes, if the log lady has anything to say - i will be sure to try and post it here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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