Friday, January 04, 2013

VIPs at verk

hi there

there was, one has to accept, a touch of disappointment expressed by my colleagues at verk today when they saw me. yes, a touch more disappointment than usual, you more cynical ones. the disappointment today is explained easily enough in the question i have frequently been asked since arriving, which is "where are the boys today?"

for the last two days, the first working days of this year 2013, both James and William have come in with me as their schools, daycares and similar remain closed. i was worried that they would get exceptionally bored, but the truth is they had a blast, and all seemed to have loved them being here. hence the disappointed looks when i was on my own today!

what did they do? well, everything they could really. i was somewhat busy with verk matters and keeping an eye on them, but i did manage to get the odd picture of them doing their thing.

Maria was particularly delighted to see the boys, and indeed the feeling was reciprocated when it became clear to them that she would indeed spin a desk chair around and around really fast whilst they sat on it! here they are during an all too brief pause!

it was not all to be messing about on desk chairs during their days here, of course. they got up to all sorts of things, sometimes even using the toys i brought from home for them.

James, quite early on, clocked that there was a shop selling sweets and drinks somewhere at verk and was very eager to visit the place. as this allowed for an excuse to go and hang around outside for a few moments, it wasn't that much of an issue to go down as such, barring of course the cost.

on top of the sugar loaded drinks the boys got for themselves, the above shows them eating items that are in many respects an open celebration of sugar. James is busy with one of them enegry bar things, whereas William was very excited to see donuts (doughnuts?) covered in chocolate. so excited, in fact, that he "assisted" James with eating his!

after that it was time to head back to my desk, and indeed time for them to try and burn off some of the excess energy. to that end, Sideeka had an absolute blast with them, playing hide and seek and keeping an eye as well as anyone can keep an eye on them as they started climbing up and over archive boxes and recycle bins!

no, they did not fall or in any way injure themselves. the same cannot be said, alas of their archive box climbing frame. never mind, i will soon get some more made and re-file everything!

when not running around, climbing or playing the boys did do a spot of drawing and colouring. those at verk who are really missing having the two of them here with me can take some comfort, i suppose, in the fact that William, with one of Daddy's marker pens, decided that drawing on what was under the paper was better than drawing on the paper. behold that which is on one of the desks here!

nice one William! i am not sure if that is supposed to be the face of someone or, and this is the most likely thing, the Superman logo. whatever it is intended to be, it's rather impressive for someone of his young age!

righty-ho, with them not keeping my hands full today i have no real excuse for not doing some verk! back to it, i guess!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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