Sunday, January 27, 2013

the special kind of dickhead celebrates victory in 2-2 draw

hello there

well, it's too funny not to is the answer to your question. if i do not like this extra special kind of dick head, why bother wasting precious yet plentiful bytes of the internet on him? he is just a constant source of amusement and a joy to take the proverbial out of sometimes. like, for instance, today, when he was pictured celebrating "winning" a 2-2 draw against the much feared side of Brentford.

his celebrations, as you can see, nearly equal his joy at guiding his side, if in his own mind if not on the pitch, to glory in the Champions League.

nice one John. being down once to Brentford normally sees sides hang their head in depression, resigned to the fact that they are about to get caned. to be down twice to them and come back on each instance to snatch a victorious draw is something few sides have ever done.

it is not all the special kind of dick head that saw them clutch this celebrated draw, a draw which a DVD of shall no doubt be available soon. it was of course, as Captain Dick will no doubt mention eventually, a late goal from El Matador himself that saw, from a certain perspective, victory on the day.

young Fernando is going from strength to strength these days. he must surely now be the greatest striker in the history of the club? well, OK, maybe not, but surely he has to be named as their "best ever Spanish striker that scores vital goals against non-Premier League sides whose name begins with the letter B". first Barcelona, now Brentford. there must be a sense of relief at Basingstoke and Bath that they will not face the Spaniard this season, and Bradford must be thrilled to have rather got Aston Villa in the League Cup.

should they manage to win the replay, two things will be interesting. first, just how will Captain Dick celebrate that, i wonder. secondly, looking at the draw, they can expect to be knocked out in the next round.

anyone reading this living in London (innit) may want to be prepared for unscheduled traffic problems - no doubt when the lads return from this fixture they will set about planning some sort of impromptu parade.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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