Friday, January 04, 2013

*sigh* Sony vs Consumer time again.....

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i must be really, really tough to be a Japanese executive of Sony. there are three problems to deal with. first is that they are exceptionally greedy and like to control everything they ever produce. secondly, they want as much of your money as they can possibly get. finally, and this is the bit that makes life difficult for them, they really, really, really hate you and i, the humble consumer.

examples of this outright hatred of consumers have been rife for the last dozen or so years. Sony, lest we forget, pioneered the "Region Code Enhancement" system on DVDs. if you wanted a film they made but they didn't release it in your country, too bad - an import from another country would not work on early model, region locked DVD players. in fact they wouldn't work on a few region free players either. they insisted on using the technology even after the US Courts told them to stop it.

then came the internet. Youtube, a brilliant way to show off the music videos that you spend a fortune on to promote your product and make an even bigger fortune. unless, of course, you take the bizarre decision to block official videos from being seen in all but two or three countries in the world.

and i don't really want to talk about the Generation Terrorists 20th anniversary fiasco, which saw me getting a refund instead of my box set. in short, Sony's approach there was to make a limited edition set, no more than 3,000 copies, and then hand delivery over to a bunch of dicks who simply shoved the sets in the nearest letterbox. cheers for that.

their latest onslaught against consumers is absolutely fascinating. having recently announced that they are to discontinue the PlayStation 2, Sony are soon to unleash the PlayStation 4, despite the 3 variant being less than a spectacular success.

the only thing known of the "PS4" at this stage is really interesting. read all about it here. i'll let you digest that bit of news.

Sony do not seem to understand that "swapping", renting, lending and purchasing 2nd hand games is a really big thing for gamers. this move is just stupid, and basically tells people "rather work out how to pirate our product or, better still, don't bother buying stuff from us."

the kids of today seem more bothered about limited attention span required simple games that you download to a phone or an iTwat device than they are about lavish, time consuming console games. announcing that once you have bought a game for this new thing it is yours for life and you cannot lend or sell it is hardly going to buck that trend.

no doubt in time further restrictions and limitations will be announced. one will have to assume that PS3 games will not work on it, much like PS2 ones will not work on the PS3.

best of luck Sony, you will need it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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