Thursday, January 31, 2013

throwing copper to hide the brass

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well, this is one of those more, if only slightly, serious blog posts i do from time to time, so if you have no interest and feel that these are not the droids you are looking for, please move along.

there was some genuine excitement on this "transfer deadline day" about the news that David Beckham had signed on to play for Paris Saint-Germain. the excitement was partially due to the fact that no longer was English football in France represented by Joey "reformed" Barton, but mostly because all of the money that the club were to pay Mr Beckham for 5 months worth of football - reported to be about £3,000,000.00 - would be going to an unspecified childrens' charity.

initially, applause all around, especially of course for Mr Beckham.

a bit of a zut alors! about it, though, sadly.  i almost certain that the owners of and indeed PR machine for PSG are horrified and the surely co-incidental fact that this announcement came just as some very serious questions are being asked about the ownership of the club. there is of course no way that anyone in the press is suggesting that throwing an unspecified amount of money at an unspecified charity is intended as some sort of distraction.

no fooball club, you would think, would dare try to distract from serious financial problems and ensure 100% good press across the world by hiding behind how much good they do for a childrens' charity.

if for some horrible reason the shenanigans at PSG turn out not to be a horrible co-incidence, then i really hope that Beckham has been well and truly duped here. i mean, there are certain footballers who you could be pretty sure would not need to be asked twice to be involved in some sort of self-promoting happy co-incidence like this all might be, but Beckham wouldn't be on that list. Beckham was rather proud of his England captaincy, after all, and didn't get stripped of it. twice.

it will on the whole be very interesting indeed to see how this one pans out. ideally, it will turn out that this is indeed as honest and good a straightforward gesture as it seems on face value, with PSG presumably banking on the fact that Beckham being associated with the club will raise their international profile. the beautiful game, however, has had a history of some rather less beautiful incidents.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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