Wednesday, January 02, 2013

yay, an update at last!

hi there

apologies for the serious lack of updates of late and in 2013, i just have not been able to for one reason and another. never mind, looking at the stats i see some of you are finding stuff of interest in what i've previously posted here, so there you go!

as a bonus, did you know that 2013 is the first year since 1987 to consist of four different numbers? well, you do now. Frankie Goes To Hollywood split up in that year (although if you read Brian Nash's superb autobiography, Nasher Says Relax, you will be aware the cracks were earlier), and i am pretty sure i went to Bassenfell Manor for the first time then. which i think means i saw either The Golden Child or Coming To America in the cinema in the Lake District then. it was certainly one of those Eddie films. moving on.....

the boys went to stay with Richard, Erika, Erika's bump, Lyla and Ruby-Lee at the weekend. Erika, with her great skill with all things to do with a lens, took some simply amazing pictures, so what better reason does one need for an update here than to show some off?

here's the four kids, as you can see almost looking in the general direction of the camera!

Erika is good, very good in fact, but to get the four of them to all look the same way involves fortune, favour and the hammer of the gods i fear. a very smart picture anyway!

possibly due to James and William having no shoes with them (something of an oversight on my behalf), Richard and Erika took everyone off to Zoo Lake for some fun. that meant, i gather, feeding the ducks some bread. Richard enthusiasts will no doubt find much joy in the picture below!

yes, it is not just you. Richard does look like he is weighing up doing a rather more "Joey Barton" style of duck feeding, as he is clearly contemplating if he will get away with twatting one of them with some bread. erm, not that Richard has a quarrel or issue with ducks or any animals. far from it. it's just that "devil on your shoulder thing".  some people just won't go near the edge of a cliff or tall building purely because of the fear of that little voice that says "go on, jump, see what happens". it's a similar thing when you have a chunk of bread in your hand and are face with the tyranny of ducks.

moving along, and remember that earlier comment about getting all four of them to face a camera?

so near and yet so far! never mind, that's truly a stunning picture anyway! and from the same time as that (and i have no idea how they got the kids to sit still for so long), here's a real gem of a picture of James and Lyla!

nice to see them getting along! they are the best of friends, really, but when they get together there's a tendency to spend half the time arguing over toys, then the rest of the time as inseperable. i suspect they might have clocked it's better to just skip the arguing stage. very wise, i must say!

the more observant of you will note that all but James have been for the fun of face painting in most of these pictures. James really doesn't care for it at all so won't have it done. William, however, seems to really love the idea. this is based on him using pens to colour himself as one of the "go go Power Rangers" on a regular basis, and indeed the lovely picture below!

it's quite an impressive, industrial strength style of paint the chap used to do the above look, for a few days later and we are still trying to clean the last few specks and flecks of it off him!

and finally, here's a picture of Ruby-Lee engaged in the most significant non-Stone Roses related cultural event of 2012. yes, the "Gangham Style" (Gingham?) dance!

nice one! it doesn't feel like all that long ago that Ruby-Lee could barely stand up and take a few testing steps, let alone master some sort of Korean mega-dance!

it looks like all and sundry and a most amazing, excellent day! splendid!

well, if the truth be told, i cannot promise thick and fast updates here right now. i shall do my best to throw in a post every now and then, though!

in the mean time,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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