Saturday, January 19, 2013

it's a trap!

hey there

William, like many children in general and his brother in particular, has developed a love of all the shows and films that bear the name Scooby Doo. well, who doesn't like a bit of Scooby? oddly, though, William's favourite character is not Scooby himself.

instead, William is rather impressed with the lad Fred.

why exactly Fred, you may ask? well, Fred has a penchant for building traps, you see. William is, as he gets older and wiser, clearly destined to be one of the tinkerers in this world. i think the idea that people would celebrate you for creating elaborate traps to catch property developers with a proclivity for both abandoned amusement parks and dressing up as a ghost appeals to the young lad a very great deal.

to that end, via the magic of the sorry excuse for a poor camera on my blueberry phone, here is the trap that William decided to build in the doorway to my study today!

sorry that the picture is of an awful quality. to explain the above, that's a piece of string, tied at one end to an ironing board and at the other the backside of a toy red t-rex, with the dinosaur shoved in my DVD stand (no, i have no idea what he has done with the DVDs that he took out to put the dinosaur there). in front of the string, for reasons i am unsure of, is an umbrella.

considering William's young age this is a most impressive and elaborate construction! the enthusiasm and skill with which he built it, alas, is not quite matched in the effective stakes. here is James bypassing the trap with, i have to say, some considerable ease.

if i hadn't been told it was there, mind, i dare say i would have tumbled over it. i think we are however going to have to tell William that his trap worked a right treat, and was brilliant. if not, i fear it will just drive him on to construct more elaborate and ruthless in their execution traps for us all.

i suspect it will be quite some time, going on his reaction to Fred in Scooby-Doo, before i allow William to watch the joys of the Pink Panther films. with traps like these already being built, can you imagine what our lives will be like when he gets to see what Cato does?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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