Monday, September 17, 2012

the adventures of Marmite

hi there

with Mum & Dad off to merry and happy New Zealand, one or two of you might be wondering what exactly happened to Marmite. regular readers, and avid fans of my Dad, will recall that Marmite was a usual fixture in any picture of my Dad, with her more often than not sat on either my Dad's shoulders or head.

if you are one of those wondering, i am then delighted to say that she has now made her merry way to New Zealand too! she needed to have some sort of injections and checks done here first, and is presently quite the Queen of Quarantine for a few days somewhere near Auckland.

it was Mum coming over to fetch her, so to speak, that allowed Michele and i to be able to go and see The Dark Knight Rises. as parting gifts go, thank you Marmite, we really rather enjoyed it!

being in quarantine does not sound like all that much fun to me, but by all accounts she is in her element. it will not be too long before she's free of the place and off, no doubt, bothering the many sheep New Zealand have to offer!

in the mean time, she would seem to be happy playing and running around in her temporary new home!

the more observant will have noticed some red shoes in the picture above. if you think you know exactly who they belong too, you'd be a bit wrong, sadly.....

oh dear! i am not sure why my Mum has fallen to the same illness that beset my Dad and saw him see red shoes as being the way to go, but there you are!

we are all delighted to hear that Marmite has also made it (almost) to her new home, and we can't wait to see pictures of her running around!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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