Wednesday, September 19, 2012

exciting times on the road

hi there

this morning, a rather fine morning with lovely clear skies if such things are of interest to you, i was in my car behind a truck. not, as it happens, any truck, but this specific truck....

no, this is not one of those "whine" posts. it was moving at a reasonably decent pace, and if i wished to pass it the lane next to me was relatively wide open. with the impressive range of warning signs on the back, though, it was far too interesting a vehicle to simply leave behind.

whereas the warning of the content being toxic was quite interesting, it was the warning at the top that really got my interest. care for a closer look? well, OK, but this was taken off my blueberry which, despite having a slightly cleaner lens than usual, still isn't all that high quality.

hopefully you can read that. if not, basically it says that whatever is in this truck, or if you will container on a truck, is known to be spontaneously combustible. that means, without giving too much of a science lesson, basically whatever is in there is so unstable that it is prone to blowing up every now and then.

wow, that's ace that is. i mean, you don't even have to light a cigarette and throw it at it to make it do something. under those circumstances, needless to say i followed right behind this truck as long as i possibly could. alas, it turned a different way from my route to verk. it did not blow up or even rattle for the time i followed it.

am i disappointed? yes, but not in a bitter sense. it would, after all, probably be a bit problematic for me if it had indeed blown up in front of me. perhaps next time.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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