Wednesday, September 12, 2012

one september wednesday

hey there

a most peculiar item appears to have arrived at verk today. i am uncertain as to who the item belongs to or for what end it has been brought in, but all the same it has provided an exceptional photo opportunity.

behold, if you will, an image of me wearing the item in question. this picture could well be my new profile picture over on that grand social network which seems to be causing Wall Street dealers to be a trifle miffed presently.

what do you think? i'm not the best person to consult on what look does and does not suit me, but for some reason i believe this set of "bunny ears" complement the image i try to project to the world.

that said, they do seem to suit my chief mechanic, Jayson, a good deal more than they do your humble narrator.

if you are wondering, i did indeed take these pictures myself with that blueberry thing. my usual personal photographer, Trigger, seems somewhat unavailable today. i am rather impressed that the pictures, as a consequence of this, look almost decent. perhaps the decision i took to have a bit of an experimental clean of the lens on the blueberry has not been the disaster i feared.

more as and when i have it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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